Did you stumble upon this word recently: Empath.  What is an empath?  Are empaths real or something made up? I had the same questions over 15 years ago.  However, I realized there was nothing “solid” about this experience

As a result, I started to write everything I had learned about the real life experiences of empaths, like how to help your Empath Children and the scientific basis of the Empath Experience©.

Subsequently, I also realized that I wanted to help. So I started to describe the solutions to the debilitating empath side-effects I had been experiencing. So here is my Everything Guide to Being an Empath.

What is an Empath?

Definition of an Empath

Empaths are  emotionally sensitive people who sponge up the emotions of others.

We feel what they feel.

How Do I Know If I’m an Empath?

The most common experience of empaths is that we can sense how other people feel. That skill usually manifests as a mirror emotion within us. We start to feel how they feel.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if they are an empath. And I think this question reflect our self-doubt: we’re looking for confirmation that we’re not crazy or weird. But being an empath is like being in love: only you can know for sure. Read on to see if these description resonate with you…

What Kind of Empath am I?

impaired empath help training

Impaired Empaths© struggle to control their skills, especially in crowds or when interacting with someone who is upset.  They can suffer from debilitating side effects, like headaches, exhaustion or unexplainable sadness.  However, Impaired Empaths© can learn to manage these issues and resolve these side effects.

balanced empath

Balanced Empaths have learned to manage the emotions they sponge up from other and don’t feel overwhelmed by them. Most importantly, they have developed an appropriate outlet to their skills and successful coping mechanisms when they are faces with difficult emotional situations.

professional empath

Professional Empaths have finely tuned skills that allow them to accurately receive and interpret the complex emotional signals they can perceive from other people.  They can use their skills as part of their career or provide readings to clients.

Help for Impaired Empaths©

It’s such a relief when you finally understand what’s going on. But now what?
If you’ve just found out that you’re an empath, here’s my short list of helpful resources.

I Can Feel Your Pain : How To Cope With Life As An Empath

If you’re an Impaired Empath, it helps to get the “big picture”. Based on my 15 years experience in helping empaths, this book will take you on a journey of self-discovery and, most importantly, self-acceptance.

Empath Survival Program

Feeling overwhelmed?  Get relief RIGHT NOW with my Empath Survival Program.  With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can regain your emotional sanity!

Join Elise’s
Empath Community

Founded in 2007, the Empath Community is the best place to get support from other Empaths! We’re also on Facebook


Am I an Empath?   Take the quiz!


You can easily “guess” how other people feel
People want to confide in you and tell you their problems
You’re very sensitive (others might say “too” sensitive)


You feel drained or tired when interacting with people
You are overwhelmed or emotionally activated in crowds
You feel the urge to help people who are suffering
You have random mood swings (angry, sad, scared) that are unrelated to what’s happening in your life

Disclaimer: Some side effects are similar to serious mental health issues. Contact a physician if you have questions about your health. The contents of this web site do not constitute diagnostic or treatment.


So you are an Empath. BUT…
You have read the books…
Browsed the online programs…
Wandered the forums…

And yet still can’t figure out what’s happening to you and how to control it?

For the first time EVER, you can get help that is JUST RIGHT for you. Tell me what’s happening: where are you struggling? I will use my Empath skills to see what the problem is and provide specific step by step instructions for YOU.

Keep in mind that you can be HONEST. I won’t be surprised, shocked or skeptical because I have been there myself. I was an Impaired Empath. With a single coaching session, I can show you how to get your wild Empath skills under control.

Professional Intuitive | The Left Brain Intuitive

Elise Lebeau, M.Sc. The Left Brain Intuitive | Professional Intuitive
PS: You are loved. Always.

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