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Top 8 Common Hints That You Are An Empath

Are you an Empath?  How can you tell?  Although every empath is different, there are some experiences that are fairly common amongst Empaths.I've worked with thousands of Empaths over the years and this is usually what keeps coming up...Are…
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Understanding the Impaired Empath©: Triggers, Wave and Release

Understanding the Impaired Empath©: Triggers, Wave and Release If you've figured out you're an Empath, you already know that you might be picking up on other people's feelings throughout the day.However, an Impaired Empath © is someone…
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Are you an Empath? New Video!

What is an Empath?  Is that for real?  I asked myself that very question 11 years ago and this is what helped me the most!  More tips and resources on my web site: http://www.EliseLebeau.com/empaths
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Being true to yourself is enough!

For Empaths, being able to accept who we truly are can be really challenging.  But unless we can do this for ourselves, no one else can do it for us.  Being you is enough.You don't have to explain it to others.  You don't have to convince…
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The Empath Blues: 4 ways to relieve Emotional Fatigue

Do you suffer from the Empath blues?Impaired Empaths © have a high risk of experiencing "unexplainable sadness". Constantly feeling the negative emotions of others can trigger a form of emotional exhaustion where nothing feels good anymore.…
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New EFT Coaching Video: Financial Security

Even though most people who come to me are struggling with emotional or spiritual issues, the topic of money always seems to come up.  Especially for Empaths.  Having to deal with their spiritual awakening and emotional overload demands…
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New EFT Coaching Video: Feeling Better!

Have you been on a downward spiral lately?  Wishing to see the light at the end of the tunnel?Follow me in this EFT video and start to feel better in 5 minutes! Repeat daily for lasting results! 
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New EFT Coaching Video: Trust!

Do you trust your intuition?  Do you trust that you can overcome whatever is troubling you today? Or do you doubt and worry?Trust affects every aspect of our lives. And It’s a lot easier to go through life while trusting yourself than living…