Empath crystal jewelry available on the Empath Community

empath professional intuitiveCaroline contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if we’d like to have a line of jewelry made specifically for Empaths in our store on the Empath Community.

We rely solely on donations to pay our web site hosting fees and I was DELIGHTED at the thought of offering something that was custom made for us as part of our fund raising activities.

Let me tell you…I was wowed!  Caroline came up with a gorgeous Empath crystal jewelry  design that captures the essence of our spirit and community.

Check out the Empath Store for more details on these gorgeous Empath Angel pendants!

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Being true to yourself is enough!

empathFor Empaths, being able to accept who we truly are can be really challenging.  But unless we can do this for ourselves, no one else can do it for us.  Being you is enough.

You don’t have to explain it to others.  You don’t have to convince them.  You don’t need to justify why you don’t like crowds or shopping malls.  You don’t have to get into an argument over this.  They don’t have to understand or approve of you…although that’s always a nice bonus!

As you accept that you are what you are, other people will do it too.


in love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.,
Professional Intuitive
Heal. Learn. Grow.


Empath energy cleansing

Do you cleanse your energy regularly?

empath energyIt’s extremely important for Empaths to clean up the “stuff” they pick up from other people.

Most importantly because we tend to do this accidentally and it can build up without notice. Other people’s emotions can get caught in our own energy and weight us down.
Here’s my favorite cleansing techniques: Take a bath, at least once a month, with Epson or sea salt.



New EFT Coaching Video: Financial Security

Even though most people who come to me are struggling with emotional or spiritual issues, the topic of money always seems to come up.  Especially for Empaths.  Having to deal with their spiritual awakening and emotional overload demands a LOT of time and effort.  Many are simply too exhausted and run out of energy when it’s time to deal with career and money issues… Read more

EFT training

New EFT Coaching Video: Feeling Better!

Have you been on a downward spiral lately?  Wishing to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Follow me in this EFT video and start to feel better in 5 minutes!
Repeat daily for lasting results!


empath professional intuitive

A work of compassion: is it worth continuing?

When I was pregnant with my son, something happened to me. I did not wish for this nor did I understand what it was at the time. But I was swept away by a brutal spiritual awakening. Something that ripped through me and left me panting for breath, as I tried to adjust to being a new mom while also trying to sort out all the things I was feeling.  I didn’t study to become intuitive or empath.  It *happened* to me.

As I struggled to stabilize my life, I started to get “ideas” (I feel they were sent to me as a gift) on how to help myself, slowly healing and understanding what was going on.  Over time, I felt inspired to share these ideas with others who might be suffering as I had.    I started publishing videos on youtube, creating community web sites so that people could connect and help one another and offering the Empath Survival Program freely.  I would do this at night, after my son was in bed.  Some people read books or watch TV in their evenings.  I worked on more material for my web site.

And yet, it never seems to be “enough”.

Just yesterday, someone sent me a message,  accusing me of  trying to profit from of the suffering of others. A few days ago, I got another one from someone calling me a “fake” and implying that I was “pretending” to be an empath so I could take advantage of people…

I guess these people think I am doing all this to make money?  Or to get some kind of advantage that I really can’t fathom?

But I am not.  I have a job to support myself and my son (I’m a single mom).   All the free material on my web site have been made without financial gain.  In fact, I have to pay hosting fees for my web site and buy the copyrights for the pictures I use in my videos.  It’s costing me money to keep publishing my work!

So when I get messages like that, it cuts right through me.  All I can do is sit in front of my computer, tears streaming down my face.  Wondering how it comes to be that my work of compassion gets twisted into some sort of master plan to hurt and profit.  I know these people don’t know me and can’t possibly understand how much their words hurt me.  And yet they do.

But it’s funny how things work out.

The day after those two painful messages, I got a thank you note.  Someone emailed me to say me how much the techniques I describe on my web site had helped her.  I cried upon reading that message too.  But good tears.

I like to imagine that this person will live a happier life because of what she knows.  I know I do.  I also like to think that if she was to meet another empath, she might be in a position to spread what she knows so that another may be helped.  And maybe another.

There has been many times when I just wanted to give up.  Always following one of those accusing messages. What’s the point of so much work if it gets twisted into something hurtful?  But then someone always says something that changes my mind.

So to those of you who have benefited from my work, whether or not you have told me about it, I want you to know you’re the reason I keep going.  Thanks for that.


in love,


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New EFT Coaching Video: Trust!

Do you trust yourself to know what’s best for you? Do you trust that you can overcome whatever is troubling you today? Or do you doubt and worry?

Trust affects every aspect of our lives. And It’s a lot easier to go through life while trusting yourself than living in doubt and constantly second guessing everything. That can be really exhausting.

So something happened in the past that damaged your trust. It doesn’t matter what it is. But the path that will lead you back to it is not a huge leap of faith, but a series of baby steps where you can rebuild your trust over time.

So let’s get started! Tap along with me to feel more trust in your life…