Intuitive Message: Feel Like The World Is A Terrible Place? How to Choose What You Contribute. INTUITION VIDEO #7

Do You Feel Like The World Is A Terrible Place?

Find your footing again and start choosing what YOU contribute.

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Feeling Like The World Is A Terrible Place

This message is for someone who feels that the world is a terrible place.

There’s disease, mutating disease, there’s war, there’s murders, people hate each other, and it’s just overtaken their human experience. So it creates this anxiety and this deeply rooted sadness that this is how the world is.

The thing is, though. And I think this is why this message is coming through today for you is that right now in the world, people are falling in love, heavens are bored and their mothers pick them up and feel so filled with love.

People who were carrying a burden for years are finally forgiven and they’re free. Some kid is screaming with delight, playing outside. All of these things are happening too right now in the world, in the same world. And the reason this message is for you today, to you, who sees the world, the disease and the war.

You Can Choose How You Contribute To The World

The reason this message is coming to you today is because you did not intend to contribute to the world in the way you’re doing now, because what’s happening is your looking at the world selectively like we all do. There’s only so much your mind can handle. And so you’re looking at the world and the loudest thing, usually the negative ones because they scream. And this serves an evolutionary purpose. Right?

So if a predator is coming towards you, you should react. Then typically they’ll create a strong response if they’re roaring or there’s a danger. And it makes sense that we connect with negative things very readily. It’s a reflex. You’re not doing anything wrong, but you’re responding to your nervous system and not necessarily questioning.

Is that what I want to be doing? And you have a choice? This is the message. You have a choice. So what happens when we selectively pay attention to, let’s call them negative events, but it’s pretty much anything that makes you feel bad.

We take that in. It becomes part of our energy. And then we’re broadcasting that back in computers. We call that a repeater. So if you have a bad spot in your house with the Wi Fi, you know, there’s a device that you can plug into the wall, it’ll pick up whatever network is in the house, even if it’s really mild, and then you’ll repeat, it really strong.

So in that one room, now, you can get WiFi. That’s a very smart device. But you’re a repeater of a network that you did not intend to amplify. And so right now, what’s happening is that you’re amplifying the negative stuff that makes you feel so sad. And because we’re all connected, we’re all floating in this network.

We Are All Connected

We’re like bees. You know, we’re all connected in a way we communicate in a way that is not necessarily obvious to the naked eye, but we do pick up stuff from other people. So what’s happening is you’re sending out repeating amplifying, propagating the stuff that makes you sad. And then it makes other people sad and overwhelmed and paralyzed. And the thing about that is not to ignore things that make you sad.

But unless you can find a way in your personal power to change them, continuing to pay attention to them, that’s detrimental. Once you have observed that something you don’t like something or something makes you sad, you can either do something about it to feel empowered or pause it so that you’re not repeating it, at least until you can come back to it later and say, oh, I do have a solution for that. There is something I can do. I can donate to this and that or I can do this and that or I can be kind in this situation and that will solve the thing that made me sad in the first place.

This is empowerment.

Finding Your Place Of Power In The World

This is good. And then you’re broadcasting empowerment to other people.

You have no idea. You have no idea how powerful you are. As a repeater, you came here to repeat stuff that you chose to repeat, and right now you’re you’ve lost your way and you accidentally completely accidentally repeating stuff that you don’t want to broadcast. You don’t want to amplify. So you know, with the B thing, we’re all connected, right?

And every bee contributes by making a path to an area where there’s food or even in the hive. I’m not a beekeeper, but they do a little dance and stuff to tell the other beads. Here is a lot of good stuff. Now imagine that psychotic B would start to make them and send their friends to this terrible place where they’re all going to die. Or there’s no food, you know, and everybody starves.

That would not be a very functional hive. And so we get to choose now, now that you notice is happening, you get to choose what you’re broadcasting, what you’re repeating, what you are contributing because you are not passive. The world is what it is, and you have the power to either add the good stuff that you saw and broadcasted empowerment, love, kindness. You can broadcast that if you fill yourself with it, or you can broadcast the bad stuff, the fear, the anxiety of things you can’t change.

Right now.

The serenity prayer tells us that there’s things that we can’t change, and it’s good to recognize that I cannot change this. So I’m not going to keep bumping my head against it. I’m gonna let it be. And I’m going to accept the things that I can’t change. It is true that there is war and disease in the world.

There’s always been warring and diseases in the world, always because the world is not balanced locally. It’s balanced globally. And even if there are people who are leading other people to war and doing horrible things, there are mothers having babies. We are many. Sorry, this is very intense.

When I tune into that part, I feel the intensity of the positive that is emanating from our world. And in order to see that globally it’s balanced, you have to kind of expand and be able to take all of this. So it’s very intense. But then it means that you’re not responsible to bring balance into the world. You’re responsible for choosing what you want to contribute in the world.

And this is the message that the universe really wanted to deliver to you today.

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