Was My Intuition Wrong? Intuition Podcast (#3)

Hi, my name is Elise, and I’m the Left Brain Intuitive and today I’m wondering if this message is for you?
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Intuition Podcast # 3 – Was My Intuition Wrong?

This message is for someone who is lost in the weeds. You are trying to follow you intuition, but you have a long history of- what I call an intuitive injury where we feel always feel so good, we’re following our intuition, things are flowing and then boom, something happens that completely stops in our track and we go, that was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that.

Now, that that usually means that the story’s not over, but most people will stop here and this is why they end up with an injury. It doesn’t heal. It just stays broken. And this is where I feel you are stuck because you had this injury and it’s not healed and all you have left is this self doubt – that you went wrong, that you followed your intuition and that drove you into ditch.

However, Spirit is always calling to us. We’re more than just this physical thing here. We have our thoughts when our consciousness and beyond that we have a soul, something that’s bigger. And so this bigger part has a bigger view, a different vantage point than what’s going on in that little square right here. And so it sees the bigger picture and it sees what you need much better than we do in our limited consciousness as a human.

Spirit Is Calling To You To Heal Your Intuitive Injury

And so it’s calling to you, it’s calling to you to heal this intuitive injury, to understand what happened, to investigate, and then once you finally get it, how this all made sense in the big picture to continue your journey by using your intuition, your gut feelings, however it is that you call this. I don’t I don’t feel that intuition is the right word. You don’t call it that. You call it something else. Maybe wisdom or something like that, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, but it’s that thing that we feel is guiding us in a particular direction.

And so there’s a conflict right now because your soul wants to follow this intuition but your mind is saying, no, that was terrible. I tried this and it didn’t work. And they both have a point. But we do like it when everybody gets along, especially because when there’s a conflict like that, we tend to end up with a physical symptom.

Migraine: The #1 Conflict Symptom

So I get migraines. My symptoms are very literal. I get a migraine when I have a conflict like that. And I used to have a lot of those migraines when I was younger. I would be wearing sunglasses because light would hurt me and be in the dark and just try to not move. Everything was painful, which is such a metaphor for my conflict. My conflict was so powerful that I was paralyzed, paralyzed with pain.

Now, fortunately, I have them so seldom because I’m able to solve those conflicts before they need the symptom, the symptom is a huge alarm bell that says you have to listen to me. So when you’re able to pick up the message and do something, it’s all harmonious. There’s no need for a physical symptoms to stop you in your track.

But in this case, you are lost in the weeds. You did have an event that happened, you were trucking along but something happened. And now, you’re in the ditch. It does not stop here. This story is not over. There’s a lot of reasons why sometimes we feel like we’re on our way and all of a sudden we get pulled sideways.

Your Intuition Is Not Wrong: You Are Protected By The Universe

I’m just going to give you some examples, like it’s not necessarily related to the injury you had, but just to give you a sense of what could have happened. The most common one is that we were protected by the universe or by our guardian angels or however you want to call them, even by our own mind. We were protected, usually against our will about something that felt good initially.

But as we went deeper, it was not a good fit anymore. Either you changed or the circumstance change and you have to get out of there very quickly. And so a terrible event happened to just protect you, extract you from the situation. The one time I got fired in my career as a software engineer, it was exactly one of those. I was in a place that was not good for me and I did not see it because there was a lot of good things about that job.

There was a few things that were bad and they were really bad for me. And so, boom! That was in my younger years, had a lot of migraines there and and lost my job. And then I went home and it took me months, months, because initially I was just in shock. I had never been fired in my life then. I haven’t been since, but I was in shock at the time. But eventually I investigated. I went back and what happened there?

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Hindsight is 20/20

That’s when I saw the pattern, afterwards. I was relieved. I was relieved when they fired me. And that’s usually the hint, you know, that lets you know something wasn’t right. But we were so focused on achieving whatever we want to achieve, we are willing to endure. We’re willing to take the bad. And that’s usually not a good idea. Because I would much rather that you don’t compromise, that you look for the path that is best for you, even if there’s detours.

OK, so I’m going to get out of this space. So where am I going next? And as you look for that, where am I going next? You’re looking for something that feels better. It feels better than the place you were at before that got you ejected out. Right now, you’re not moving. You are stuck. Or you’re moving a little bit, but you’re just in the weeds, you know, you’re not going very far because you haven’t figured out yet what it was you haven’t investigated. What did it mean? What was that for? Why was I protected? So that’s the problem.

Intuitive Message: Healing an Intuitive Injury

The intuitive insight is: that you’ve got to get out of the weeds and you can only get out of the weeds by going through the injury to heal it.

Now doesn’t take fancy work, because most of the time, and this is what I feel is happening, we’re not willing to go back right now because it was painful and you’re afraid that this is the end.

But this conflict between what your soul is calling you to do and what your mind is telling you, it needs to happen to keep you safe. This conflict cannot be resolved. And this is such a painful state of being, this conflict between our soul and our mind is really painful and it’s not true. They can get along. They can resolve it. If you’re willing to go back to that time where the injury happened. And stay here. That’s it.

Just stay with the memory. Not resisting it, pushing it away, not trying to destroy it, not trying to do anything to it, you’re accepting it. You accept that this happened. Oh, I feel better just saying this to you, except that this happened to you, just like I eventually accepted that I got fired, but initially I was really in shock. I didn’t want to talk about it.

So this is the same situation here, very same energy here. To just be OK, thinking about it, relaxing and saying, you know, it’s OK that this happened. This will let you walk through it, come out the other side, and now you will be out of the weeds. And then your soul can start kind of going to work again and saying, OK, so here’s the part where it’s interesting you’re curious about this, so follow this path.

Keep Falling On Your Face? Get Up And Try Again!

And if something else happens, you don’t need to be worried about it because you’ll know what to do. You’ll know what to do if you have another intuitive injury, and the thing is initially it’s like a kid, you know, that’s letting out a walk. They take a few steps and then bam and the coffee table and then mommy puts form corners to make sure that it’s safe and that they’re not going to need stitches. But really, you fall on your face and then you try again.

And then within I don’t know. How long does it take? A few months. You know, kids are much more stable and they can hold onto things to move forward and not fall as much. It’s the same thing. Same thing with an intuitive injury. Yes, you fell, but you can do it again. And if you do it again, if it does happen that you fall, you don’t need to worry about it because you know what to do. You will sit with it, accept it. You will get out of the way and then you’ll keep going. That was a great message.

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Is This Message For You?

As a professional intuitive, I’m always tuned into the intuition channel, it’s on my stream and it’s really handy because when somebody asks me a question, I can just go get the answer there. Well, once in a while, I’ll get a message, an intuitive insight for somebody. And I don’t know who that is. And this is why I need your help!

I have to deliver this to the right recipient. So maybe it’s for you. Maybe it’s for somebody you know, or maybe it’s for a group of people who have a shared problem in common and could really use listening to this message that I received today. So either way, let me know!

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