Shy During Public Speaking? Intuitive Video #10

Do you Feel Uncomfortably Shy During Public Speaking? How to receive Energy Feedback from your Audience

As a professional intuitive, I’m always streaming my intuition channel. And sometimes, I receive anonymous intuitive messages, like this one! Is this Intuitive Message for you? Someone you know?

Uncomfortably Shy During Public Speaking

This message is for someone who has to communicate a message in public, whether it’s digital or in person. It’s not that relevant, but you’re struggling with being shy or interpreting it as a discomfort as being shy and introverted.

However, the tricky part is that sometimes you’re okay and sometimes you feel shy. So you feel activated and nervous when you’re delivering a message.

When it’s Not Shyness From Public Speaking

And this is what this intuitive message is about. The issue here is not that you’re shy. It’s something else.

You think of this as shyness. You think of this as introverted. And so it’s normal that when I have to speak in front of people, I feel uncomfortable, which is is true true, which, however, there’s another dimension to it, which is at the energy level. And I don’t think you have addressed that one yet. So the reason why it’s different, sometimes it’s okay, and sometimes it’s not comfortable has to do with what you’re doing with your energy.

The Energy Of Your Audience

When you’re speaking in front of an audience, sometimes you’re speaking in front of an audience and you have a message to deliver, and you’re focusing on the message. And that feels very comfortable other times trying to connect with your audience, and you’re trying to pick up on how they feel about your message in a way to get some feedback and adjust what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Now that’s a great intention. It’s great to get feedback so we can improve our communication. But in your case, it’s detrimental.

These are the times where you don’t feel comfortable. It doesn’t feel you feel more nervous, and then you think, oh, it’s because I’m shy and introverted, but really, the reason you feel more comfortable uncomfortable in that time is because it’s not a good fit for you. It’s not a good fit for you to get your feedback through this energy where you’re picking up how they feel from at that raw level, at the level of energy, because what’s happening is you’re opening up way too much while you’re doing this to receive, and then you’re overwhelmed.

And that is what makes you feel uncomfortable. That sense of being activated.

From Shy To Overwhelmed

It’s not shyness that’s been activated. It’s overwhelmed, and you’re not recognizing it as this. And so you’re fixing kind of the wrong problem. You keep thinking, oh, I have to keep working on being shy and introverted when, in fact, you have to work on being overwhelmed. And specifically, you can work on how you receive the feedback.

Receiving the feedback at an energy level is really great because, well, in my line of work, that’s what I do. I go look for information in places that other people can’t access readily, and that’s how I can read somebody. That’s how I can see what has happened in the past, because that’s also stored in their energy. The body remembers everything or like a little hard drive. And I can feel the energy between people in a group, in a place.

And this is really useful for my work. However, I don’t have this turned on all the time. I would be just crushed by the tsunami wave of information. It’s way too much. And so it’s important that we choose to do this consciously, which I don’t think you are.

When You Don’t Realize You Are Reading Your Audience

I think you’re doing it unconsciously. You don’t realize you’re doing it so that’s the first thing is to choose to do it. So for example, in my case, I only choose to receive energy information when I’m in a reading.

So right now I’m receiving information to give you this message. I am tuning into the energy of your energy and the energy of the message that’s coming for you. And that is perfectly appropriate. But when I start this video, I will close this down. Otherwise, I will be overwhelmed by all the information that will keep coming through this channel.

It’s too much.

And so in your case, the first step is to realize when you’re doing it and the second step is to trigger it on purpose. And I don’t think that when you’re talking to people or when you’re delivering a message, I don’t think that’s a good time to basically remove all your – they’re not barriers – remove all your filters because most of the time you have filters that prevent you from being overwhelmed, which is how you’re able to be comfortable in life. But while you do this, you remove your filter.

The Overwhelm Of Energy

So now you’re completely naked, the energy comes in, it overwhelms you.

You feel activated and nervous because it’s too much. You think it’s shyness even though it’s overwhelmed. Now the thing is, if you always deliver your message with the intention of focusing on your message. So basically you keep your filter up, you’re delivering your message afterwards. You can do this.

You can’t trigger this on purpose because it is interesting to know what the energy is around our message. That’s how we can improve our delivery, which is what you’re trying to do, which is lovely.

Triggered On Purpose

So how can you do that? The first thing is when you’re delivering your message, focus only on your intention. Don’t open up. And in order to do that, you just need to remind yourself of this. Your brain will know how to do this, even though you don’t know your mind knows how to keep the filters up.

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And I do feel that you have filters on purpose. So I think you already know how to normally do this. In this particular case, though, the filters goes down without you realizing it. So we want to keep the filter up while you’re delivering, and afterwards you can pick a time. Let’s say that you’re delivering something that like I do those on social media, Facebook, my website, after some time has passed and some people have seen your message.

Then when you’re at home in your safe place. You can choose to lower your filters with the intention of receiving specifically the feedback, the energy of the people who have been in contact with your message. That’s a lot less overwhelming, less information.

Getting Only Relevant Information

And that is much more relevant to you, because what’s happening is the feedback that right now that you’re receiving during that shield-down high contact delivery is useless to you. You can’t interpret it because you don’t know how to process that. However, if you do it in a different setting at home, you’re sitting down with the intention. You can say it out loud to make sure that this is all very clear. All right.

Let’s get some feedback on this delivery, and I would suggest you take notes on your computer written. However you prefer take notes of the things that come to you. They will be external things. They will be what other people have felt.

So in order to help receive this feedback and not focus on what you thought, because that’s another issue that you have sometimes is your mind will override information that don’t seem to make sense, and you’ll eliminate it. You’ll look at something that is maybe energy feedback, and you’ll go, oh, that doesn’t make sense. And then you’ll throw it away. We want your mind to be okay receiving this external feedback, even though it’s a bit weird, right? People would think that what I do is weird in general, and that’s okay.

Accessing Energy Feedback

You want to be able to tell your mind, hey, while I’m doing this, it’s okay that we’re receiving stuff from the outside. And one way that you can do that is when you’re writing your notes, you can start to open up the sentence by saying “Someone felt that…” and then just write what comes to you. Now you might get one or two in the beginning because this is new to you. You’re processing this information and your brain has to do a sort of gymnastics to transform what’s coming up from the energy read into words that make sense to you, which is what I do, right?

My job is to translate vibration energy either from the body or from the mind or from emotions or from anywhere into words that I can deliver to somebody so that it’s completely beautifully distilled to a bite-sized message that they can digest. So it takes practice to do that. And this is what you’re going to be developing. You’re going to be developing your ability to pick up on the energy, process it and receive a digestible bit of information that is useful to you. So in the beginning, it’s going to be a little clunky, a little slow, just like if you were learning to play squash or something, you might hit the ball and it goes sideways.

It’s okay. Keep writing. Keep having these little sessions where you write down somebody has received. Somebody has felt this about my message, and then you write complete the sentence. Then you can keep writing until you feel done, until you feel no more is coming.

Setting Time Limits

However, I would like to suggest that you set a time limit because it’s possible you’re fairly well connected to other people. So it’s possible that there might be, like, hundreds or thousands of these. And we want to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed. And so you can have a five minute session, a 15 minutes session, whatever time is comfortable to you. If after the session, you’re tired, that one was too long, so you need to shorten it a little bit.

Always Be Comfortable

You should always be comfortable always.

But by using this technique, you can really tune into your audience, which is what you want. You want to deliver the message. Yes, that is filled with you filled with the thing you want to say, but you also want it to be received really well on the other end. And this is the way to do that.

I find that most people, people that I read, for example, are not able to articulate how they feel. But if I say it to them, they will go. Yes, exactly. That you nailed it because I’m able to translate that complicated thing that they’re feeling into the bite size message that they can digest. And from there, that information is now being processed.

It’s available to them. And this is what you’re trying to do as well. In a completely different setting. I feel that you’re in a business setting, so not as necessarily as an intuitive, but this works too. In a business setting, it makes them for some pretty fabulous presentation.

When software engineer, I use this a lot. It was very handy.

All right. That’s all I’m getting for you today. I hope this was helpful.

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