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Hi, my name is Elise, and I’m the Left Brain Intuitive and today I’m wondering if this message is for you?
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Am I Receiving an Intuitive Message For You?

As a professional intuitive, I’m always tuned into the intuition channel, it’s on my stream and it’s really handy because when somebody asks me a question, I can just go get the answer there. Well, once in a while, I’ll get a message, an intuitive insight for somebody. And I don’t know who that is. And this is why I need your help!

I have to deliver this to the right recipient. So maybe it’s for you. Maybe it’s for somebody you know, or maybe it’s for a group of people who have a shared problem in common and could really use listening to this message that I received today. So either way, let me know in the comments.

Intuition Podcast: Episode 1 – Lower Back Pain

This message is for someone who is having pain in their lower back. And it’s shooting down, I want to say the right leg.

These kinds of symptoms, usually the ones that don’t heal, are a clunky way for like our soul or our higher self or our body or our mind to try to deliver a message that’s trying to say something. This particular issue is about a burden that this person is carrying. You’re carrying this burden and you’re not realizing that it’s causing this issue. And I feel that you’ve tried a lot of things to alleviate this pain and now you’re just exhausted from all the effort, but also you just want to give up, you know.

But the universe will never give up on you so it’s going to keep trying to deliver this message, which is why if if this can reach you today and alleviate this pain. That would be great because you don’t have to carry that around either.

Energy Reading on Lower Back Pain

The burden in question has to do with your past. Do you feel guilty about your past?

And you feel that you’ve done things that you’re not proud of, that you’re ashamed of your shame, the things that you’ve done and said. In such a way that the fact that your shame is generating even more negative energy because then you’re you’re angry at yourself. Creates an additional burden and all this is very heavy. And. This anger then, it’s like on the line of, like, self-hatred, you know, so angry over a long time period of time.

And here’s the thing. Yes, you’ve made mistakes, you know, if you knew. What you know, today, you would not do these things that you did back that. But back then, you didn’t know. So the things that you’ve done in the past were just that they were mistakes. However, in your energy. What this looks like is almost like if you did that on purpose, that you purposefully went after somebody to hurt them.

And there are times where we’ll do that, right? Let’s say that we feel threatened or we feel our survival is at stake, we will reach out and we might be going after somebody. But the reason we’re doing that is not because we want to specifically hurt them. It’s because if you go back to the root cause, you kind of it’s kind of like a, you know, going upriver. So if you go back to the root cause of this, it’s usually because there’s something that got hurt inside of us and it’s a reflex to try to defend them the best way we know how.

And sometimes we defend ourselves by hurting others. And if somebody’s standing there, they get hurt. But it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. It doesn’t mean that you’re a mean person, even if you said mean things, it doesn’t mean that you are bad. So this is the problem.

Intuitive Message: You Have Paid Your Debt

The intuitive insight that I’m receiving for you is that. You’ve paid your debt. You’ve paid your debt to these people. All the guilt and all the anger and all the pain that you have suffered.

It’s enough to balance out in a weird sort of way the hurt that they might have felt. Now, the strategies that you use to pay off your debt was painful for you, and I am hoping that you’ll develop new strategies from here on that are less painful. Such as? Forgiving yourself for what you did. And then asking for their forgiveness. That’s a lot easier than than the process that you went through, which was very painful.

But how can you do that, though? Let’s say that you want to do that now, let’s say that you’re turning a corner here. You realize that this back pain is not going to go away unless you do something. And here’s the thing that the universe is saying can help you. So we’re connected as people, as human beings, kind of like a beehive, you know, it looks weird sometimes because we look really disconnected, because mostly we’re focused externally, especially when we’re young.

We’re so focused externally. Right. The job, the money, the the status. So all of that is external. And while we’re so focused externally, we don’t pay as much attention to what’s happening internally and the connection to others is internal. Firstly, as we age, our lives can become quieter and we have more time to pay attention if we want to, to that internal connectedness. And this is cool because this is where let’s say that somebody is passed, you know, that one of the person that you feel you’ve hurt deeply has passed.

Well, it’s not over yet because even after they’ve asked, after they passed, there’s a part of their being. There’s their soul, their spirit, however you want to call it. That is not doesn’t look like their human consciousness anymore, that that does go dissolve when they died. But the bigger thing, the soul, which has this bigger picture, is still out there somewhere. Now, they’re better connected than we are. But it’s possible for us to reach either somebody who far away, somebody who won’t talk to us anymore because they’re angry and that’s OK.

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Or somebody who has passed. Because of that connection that we all share and that connection is what I call the energy, the thing that emanates from us basically. And when we’re living, our energy is pretty tight around, this is like a bubble around this that dissipates slowly. And then when we pass on the bubble is the thing that’s left and then the body goes away. So well that to say that we’re connected and so if today you’re listening to this and you’re thinking, oh my gosh, that back pain, I really wish it would stop and you’re ready to try something else.

Intuitive Message: How to Resolve Lower Back Pain with Forgiveness

Here’s what you can do right now. Make a list of the people that you feel you have hurt, that you feel guilty. About and remember, this is underneath a layer of self-hatred and the layer of anger, right? So this is pretty deep in there. I can see it because my x ray vision, from my intuitive perspective, I could see the whole thing, including your soul. Your soul is fine, by the way, have things good up there, but it’s underneath these layers.

So if right now you feel just so enraged, look for something that made you angry. And then when you have that look for something that made you feel guilty, it’s going to be down there underneath. But it’s not necessarily obvious to you right now that the reason you’re feeling this pain down your leg and the reason you’re always angry and enraged is because it’s its turn towards you. And it came from guilt of having done things to other people that you regret.

So look for them and make a list. Make a list can be on a computer, on a piece of paper, and then for each of these people. I want you to imagine that you’re meeting them right now there in front of you, because that’s how connected we are, right? It doesn’t matter to me how far you are from me. I can still connect to you and I can still get this information for you. And you can do that, too.

Not not as consciously as I can, but it’s there. And I want you to imagine, even though it sounds imaginative, but really it’s doing something very concrete and real. I want you to imagine that you’re asking for their forgiveness and they’re giving it to.

The part that is giving you forgiveness is not their human self, it’s their soul, because the soul has a much bigger perspective and the soul says “”Oh, my gosh, I totally see where you’re coming from.I totally see why that happen. No harm done here at the soul level. So, yes, I’m happy to forgive you.”

And for each person on your list, ask for forgiveness and receive it. Now, this changes to things. Changes your own energy, because there’s something right now there’s like a little recycling facility that keeps recycling this this guilt and this anger and the self-hatred, so it’s constantly circulating within you. And as you do this, you’ll find a way out.

Finally. We’ll find a way out. That’s going to feel better on its own, just emotionally. Now, physically, what’s going to happen is that not at all this Chern. With this self-hatred, anger and guilt. The body is going to be able to start healing because it has delivered its message, like me, we’re very excited in your body. And the body can start healing. Now it can start healing. The thing is that the hurt that has been caused in your lower back and leg is physical.

It literally did something to your physical body that’s going to take some time to heal. So we’re not looking for a miracle. I don’t do miracles and I don’t give a lot of numbers. This is just very concrete and very reasonable. We’re looking for a sense of relief, this is what we’re looking for. Do you feel relief emotionally? And when you get out of bed tomorrow, do you feel relief a little bit, a little bit better.

This is your cue. This is your cue that you’re on the right track. And if you still feel your self-hatred, anger and guilt, go ahead and do it again. Think about it. What made you angry? What made you feel guilty, that person right there asked for their forgiveness, because the thing is, you’ve been doing this for a long time and you have a habit. And that’s what we’re fixing is this habit, and the only way to change the habit is to do something else repeatedly for a long period of time.

And that’s how you change the habit. That’s what physical therapy is for. Right. Here’s the broken motion and here’s the motion that’s going to be fixed. So we’re going to repeat that motion over and over again until your body goes, oh, this is what you want me to do. We’re like, yes, this is better. So we’re doing this physical therapy for your mind, basically. So this is your cue when you feel angry, frustrated, look for the guilt and ask for forgiveness at the energy level and then look for that sign of relief.

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