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Are You A Life Warrior?

This message is for a life warrior who has been fighting for a long time. You don’t like conflict, though, so you’ve been fighting peacefully to try to move something forward. But you’re stuck. And it’s time to ask for help from your Spirit Guides.

Trying to Move Forward: Why it’s Hard to Ask For Help

And you’ve been trying to move forward everything, everybody’s willing to move forward but this is not a problem that can be solved with the means that you’ve been using. Sometimes we need help and there is help. Nature is so smart. There’s all kinds of layers of help that can provide more than what you can do on your own.

However, this avenue has been uncomfortable for you because you’ve in the past, you have tried to reach out to that that which is greater than you, through prayer specifically, I feel like you prayed for this to get unstuck and it didn’t give you the results that you had hoped. It didn’t it didn’t really solve the situation.

So you still felt stuck. This was so heartbreaking. It broke your heart to feel abandoned like this.

How to Ask For Help while Protecting Your Heart

So this intuitive message: You CAN reach for help in a way that will not be challenging your faith. Meaning you’re saying: I’d like to get help, but I’m not going to put myself or my heart at risk. I’m going to keep my heart safe. So Universe come show me, give me something to show me that you’re helping. Give me something to show me that there’s a solution in here somewhere. And what happens, over time, things start to drop in. People will start saying oh my God, you’re so lucky!

And one little thing at a time, you will see the Universe at work, sending help your way. Without challenging your faith. Because you are just waiting and welcoming them. You are not putting your heart on the line. These little signs, little things that come in to help, they’re like little drops of faith, little drops of trust.

All these little drops can start to fill your cup. You really need that because your cup is empty because you spend it all. And it felt like nothing else was coming back in return.

What we want to do now is go the other way. We want to take this empty cup and fill it. Hey, Universe/God, or however you relate to this bigger force, put better stuff in my cup so that I can rebuild my trust.

Rebuilding Trust Without a Leap of Faith

It’s not a leap of faith. This message, it it’s not asking you to close your eyes and trust that everything’s going to be OK blindly.

On the contrary. The Universe wants to have a relationship with you. It wants to have this relationship where you trust because of past experience that it’s going to be OK, that you can move forward.

The call is for you to to receive help from your spirit guides, your angels. I call them nonphysical being because that’s kind of a neutral term and because they’re not physical, they’re not limited by what we see as humans. While we’re in our physical body and we’re limited by our senses. What we can see, what we can touch. We’re also limited by our minds because sometimes we have belief that will limit what we think is possible. They don’t have this problem.

Accessing a Higher Perspective: How To Ask Your Spirit Guides

They have a higher perspective. We’re down here in the valley and they are at the top of the mountain and then they can see far and and tell you: “what you want is this way, go this way.”

So how can you do that? It can be a little abstract for somebody who’s not done that before or maybe you have done it before and it didn’t work well. But I’ll just assume that that you haven’t. And and I’m totally with you on that. I was in my thirties, I think the first time that I actually felt that connection.

Before that I just had a lot of nightmares where there were people in the room. That’s that’s how I used to sense my spirit guides and I was so scared that when I slept, I could feel them around me.

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I was so scared that all of these dreams were nightmares. Somebody was standing beside me by my bed. Eventually, I realized what these dreams were and then they changed and it became it became a comforting presence. By the time that I pulled it into my conscious life, the dreams slowed down or stopped sometimes because I didn’t need them anymore.

I could do it while I was unconscious.

3 Tips on How to Ask Your Spirit Guides a Question

Tip #1: Ask a Real Question

First, you need to ask them a question. Keep it short and keep it where it’s something, not a yes or no question. So an open ended question, but keep it where it’s something that you’re not testing them or asking them to answer a question for which you already know the answer. Because we’re looking for is stuff that you don’t already know.

For example, a good question would be “what would be a better way for me to” and then insert something here. That’s a really good question to start with. As you get more experience, you can add more questions to the mix, but that’s a good one to start with. For example, what’s a really good way for me to find a better job or to or to get unstuck? What’s a better way for me to get unstuck?

Tip #2: Write Your Answer Without Censor

Write down what comes to you without censor. Without analyzing it. Without judging it. You can write it on paper, which is sometimes called automatic writing. You can write it on your computer but just write what comes to you.

Tip #3 Keep it Short

You don’t have a lot of time once the answer starts coming to you. Don’t write more a couple of paragraphs. Because what can happen is your mind can start coming in and judging and deciding what you should and should not be hearing, because it’s it it’s information that it’s outside your mind. Your mind will start distorting the information you are receiving.

And then do nothing. That’s right, do nothing. Because your cup is empty. You want stuff to go into your cup. So you’re going to receive this information and you’re going to do nothing. Do you hear me on this? You’re not going to fight for what you want. You will let it come to you.


Let me say this one more time: you’re going to do nothing. And you’re going to let the universe deliver this to you. That thing that they’re going to talk about, it’s going to come to you in some way without any effort on your part. And this is really important because the pattern that we’re trying to change is that you’ve been fighting. And when we fight, we prevent easy things from coming to us.

They can’t make it through because there’s a wall of fences. And the easy thing just bounces right off. So we need a door somewhere where something easy that you didn’t fight for. It just comes in and it feels really good. And when you look at your cup, there’s something in there and you go, oh, I got something. So that’s good. That leads me to trust a little bit.

And then you can ask your spirit guides another question, later today or tomorrow and write a few paragraphs. And then do nothing but wait and pay attention. You’re looking for things that are easy, that you didn’t have to do anything for and it just kind of landed in here. This will help you start to develop and access the information that is much greater than you. And that is really powerful.

Is This Message For You?

As a professional intuitive, I’m always tuned into the intuition channel, it’s on my stream and it’s really handy because when somebody asks me a question, I can just go get the answer there. Well, once in a while, I’ll get a message, an intuitive insight for somebody. And I don’t know who that is. And this is why I need your help!

I have to deliver this to the right recipient. So maybe it’s for you. Maybe it’s for somebody you know, or maybe it’s for a group of people who have a shared problem in common and could really use listening to this message that I received today. So either way, let me know!

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