Recurring Left Knee Pain – Intuition Podcast (#2)

Hi, my name is Elise, and I’m the Left Brain Intuitive and today I’m wondering if this message is for you?
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Am I Receiving an Intuitive Message For You?

As a professional intuitive, I’m always tuned into the intuition channel, it’s on my stream and it’s really handy because when somebody asks me a question, I can just go get the answer there. Well, once in a while, I’ll get a message, an intuitive insight for somebody. And I don’t know who that is. And this is why I need your help!

I have to deliver this to the right recipient. So maybe it’s for you. Maybe it’s for somebody you know, or maybe it’s for a group of people who have a shared problem in common and could really use listening to this message that I received today. So either way, let me know in the comments.

Intuition Podcast # 2 – Left Knee Pain Referred from Wrist

This message is for a woman with pain in her left knee. And the symptom is not actually that important. It could have been caused by an intuitive injury. Or it could have been caused by age. It doesn’t really matter.

The symptom is not that important. And it’s been tricky because the symptom is trying to deliver a message just like me. I sympathize with your knee, and it’s been hard for this message to get through because it gets stuck on the frustration with the fact that this knee is not healing as it should. And those symptoms that don’t seem to heal, usually there’s some there’s some message behind them, there’s something there that’s that’s always interesting to investigate. So in this case, though, the left knee is actually related, referred pain, mostly from the right hand.

Which is your writing hand? And there’s there’s a great call for you to write, to write. And you haven’t been doing that. Why is that? You think it’s pointless? You think it’s pointless to write what’s the point, what’s the point of doing what inspires me? Because you have been disappointed. You have been disappointed that I feel like you tried to have this be your career, not career. You have tried to make this a side hustle, right.

A side hustle and the side hustle didn’t pan out. And it broke your heart and was like you put yourself out there very vulnerable with your writing and. It didn’t pan out the way you had wanted to, and it broke your heart. And the way that this looks to me is your wrist is broken. It’s not, but this is how it’s interpreted, and it’s communicated to your left knee. Out of convenience, there was an issue, preexisting condition, that was conveniently cooperative enough to be trying to communicate this message.

Needs to Write for Yourself

So this is the configuration. This is the basically the problem. And what you’re it then, the intuitive insight has been trying to make its way to you is that you’re not doing it for other people. So the vision that you have of success. Which are writing has to do with other people saying, wow, that was cool, what you wrote, or I want to hire you to write for me or which would be a terrible fit for you.

By the way, this is not the way this is wanting to go. So you have been protected, I think, against your will from a situation that would have been unhealthy. But the criteria for success is external. It’s that other people will look at your writing and go, wow, this is awesome. And external validation feels great. It’s awesome. We all love it. But what’s powerful is when we do things for us first. For us first and people, external validation is like icing on the cake, but it’s not the whole cake.

And you have tried to just write privately and that went well, but it was not fulfilling because something was missing and you thought, well, I think what’s missing is I need to share my writing. And you were right there. Right. But however, as soon as it didn’t fit the image that you have of what sharing look like, then then the problem started and broke your heart, technically, metaphorically, and then the left knee pain. I think the left knee pain will come back as is if something like this happens again in your life where you have an injury that needs healing.

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Healing an Intuitive Injury

So the first thing of healing this injury is don’t enter it again. So if you’re still trying to write and get published or get people’s attention or get external validation, I would suggest you pause that. Just make it a pause. That’s that’s not forever. Right. It could be six months is a good time. Where are you going to pause trying so hard to get this external validation. And instead. You’re going to share. You’re writing, but just for your own sake.

And how do you know that how do you know that you’re doing it just for you? Well, in your case, it’s pretty easy. If it’s fun, if it’s light, if it’s easy, you don’t have to put effort into it, then you’re on the right track and you’re sharing in a way that is healthy for you. When it becomes obligated, heavy or discouraging, then you’re on the wrong track. And whatever that was, you just get out of it.

You just stop doing that. And again, you can pause, you know, you’re not giving up, although you can give up. That’s always healthy to give up on bad things. But you can posit and say, you know what, this doesn’t feel right. I’m going to pause that for three, six months. You can pick any period. And what happens when we do that is we quiet down our mind and it stops yelling at us and it gets a little bit quieter inside.

It’s easier to hear intuition or it’s easier to hear the call of inspiration as those are all different words for intuition, really. So as you start to write again, and I’m really hoping that you will. It’s interesting because I had a vision of you writing for children. Or reading for children, you were reading stories in the library. With kids, I wonder if there’s a right. I wonder if you’ve been writing novels or something and there’s a call to have fun and to have fun writing something really fun for kids.

Don’t Pursue What Doesn’t Feel Good

But really, fundamentally, the general message is, if it doesn’t feel good, you don’t have to keep pushing at it, you can pause and you can start looking for the stuff that feels. Inspiring that you feel curious about. That you feel. Maybe a guilty pleasure. I’m just going to let myself do this one thing here. This is usually the trail that will lead you back to healing your broken heart.

And I know I’m holding my wrist, but it’s really a broken heart. And then your knee is going to start. It’s going to be like in the beginning, right. Because this is a message that’s been trying to get through for a long time. I feel I feel this knee injury has been there for a while now. It’s going to be slight a little in the beginning. So what you’re looking for is a sense of a little bit of relief on the knee.

It feels a little bit better today. That means this was a good day. That means you are going the right direction and then you can keep going in the right direction. You can keep refining this.

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