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Are How to handle being worried about failure without being stuck making only “safe decisions.

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Business Executive Afraid of Failure

This intuitive message is for someone who is in charge of the people. So either like an executive and a company or someone who has a very large team, I’m feeling that is more than 100 people involved in this, and you are terrified to make a mistake because the decisions that you take affects all these people. And there’s a reason you got here through some life experiences. So you’re not like making this up your imagination. A few things happen where you made a decision and it didn’t turn out the way you thought, and it made you tense up a little bit more every time.

Now, you weren’t always like that. Earlier in your career, you were very confident about your decisions, and things worked out well. However, as the number of people affected by your decision grew, your sense of concern also grow. And now you’re a little bit paralyzed, to be honest, because there’s a few opportunities that ask them your way recently, and you were just too scared to investigate them. Right?

Keeping It Safe

So at this point, you’re scared enough that you’re just staying where you are in the central Lane here. But you know that’s not where the opportunities are, the opportunities to to bring more growth to your company, to bring more. So one quality that’s important with these people, the people that you’re responsible for is somehow being connected. That’s important. That seems to be the dominant thing to be connected so that we can be stronger together than we are apart.

This is the growth in your company is tied to that essence.

And you’ve been scared to make decisions about that because some things didn’t really work out well, when you tried, it brought some conflicts brought from sparks, you know, as you kind of investigated or wandered in that direction, and that that surprised you, startled you and you’re just starting around and that’s okay, right. Perfectly human experience, perfectly normal human experience. But you have a choice now. And because so many people depend on you, that choice is important. It has reached that’s what you have you have reached and reach is great, because you have the power to influence positively people.

Spark of Growth And Connectedness

I bet you that’s why that message is coming through me today for you, because you need help being that spark of growth and connectedness within your group. I’m not sure if it’s a company. So I’m going to say group from now on. So the thing is that the experiences that made you feel concerned happened partially because you were more nervous. You were doubting a little bit.

And so there was an event that was negative. And instead of writing it off, which you would have done at the beginning earlier in your career, you took it to heart and you looked at it and you dissected it, which was really good you were investigating. But you didn’t come to a real conclusion because you could not figure out a way to avoid this in the future. And it’s true.

You can’t avoid these in the future. You can’t avoid sparks. You can’t avoid conflict. You can’t avoid things that don’t work and you can’t avoid failure. And that feels weird to you. I don’t feel that you’re a perfectionism. So I don’t feel that you have to have everything perfect.

But I do feel that for a while there, in the earlier years of your career, you pretty much thought that you would never fail. Things always worked out. And even if you failed a little, you would wrap this around and find a way that made it work. And so your confidence was always very high. And this is what I’m seeing.

The Ups And Downs Of Confidence

Your confidence high, and then the number of people that were affected rise, and then your confidence starts to go like this. And now it’s a very choppy ride.

Now your confidence is not related to the external events because you’re not doing significantly worse than better than before. You’re not doing significantly better than before it. But your confidence is choppy. And so it’s the perception of events that is creating this problem. You’re paying a lot of attention to what went wrong.

And you are stunt by the fact that you can’t prevent failure and that’s paralyzing you. And this is I think this is normal, right? When we first interact with failure, we have a choice. How are we going to handle this? And for some of us, it comes in earlier in life where we have early failures and we realize we’re never going to be a basketball player because we can’t make that special shot.

And for others, it takes a long time. It’s later in life. Most things are easy and easily overcome. And then that becomes the failures that are challenging. And so this is where your apps, you try to make the basket.

It didn’t go in and you try to get and they get it didn’t go in. And this is just a pivot point. And it has to do specifically, not with a particular decision it has to do with. Are you gonna handle failure from now on now, I know that you’ve heard the thing, maybe seen this on LinkedIn, or maybe you’ve heard failures and opportunity to learn about that, but somehow it’s not syncing in. You’re reading this intellectually, you know this, but it’s not sinking in.

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Feeling The Weight Of Being Responsible For Other People

Otherwise your confidence would have gone up. So there’s something else and the something else is the fact that you’re responsible for people. So if it was just you, you would already have bounced back. But now that you’re responsible for these people, there’s an interaction between these two things. You know, how some drugs, if you take one drug, they always ask you, do you take anything else?

Because this other drug might make this one either ineffective or really, really strong. And this is what we have here, by itself, the failure situation logically. You know, I’m learning. And this is going to work out. But because of the people that you’re responsible for, these two things are amplified.

And now you have this big balloon of fear and anxiety that paralyzes you now, for some reason, I don’t see the fair and anxiety as being to the surface, so I don’t see that you feel necessarily fair and anxiety. It’s more in a ball, like in the pit of your stomach. You know, I feel like being explained by other reasons. I ate something that wasn’t good for me, but until you acknowledge the second page, you’re stuck. You will keep being paralyzed.

Missing Opportunities

And I think this is the symptom. Opportunity came, and you did not investigate them. You just fade away and continued your course. That is fear. The reason you’re doing this, not because it’s particularly awesome.

It’s because it’s less scary than going on the side road and maybe have a failure that will affect these people. Yeah, it’s so interesting, because when I add this second part of the sentence, then all of a sudden, your energy is like, Whoa, no, this is really this is the accelerant on this fire by itself, the failures of the candle. But then you’re pouring oil with this reach this this impact on the people. So what can you do? The first thing that would really help, really help is if you took some time to check in with your body because I know you have a physical symptoms.

I don’t know if it’s a stomach ulcer. It feels like it’s here. But to pay attention to when this shows up, it’s not food. It’s not something else. It’s this you have just triggered that fear of the people affecting people negatively.

And when that happens, you can become aware of this and say, okay, wait. What was I just thinking now the thing flared up. What was I just thinking, okay, I need to backtrack that because these people, they’re not asking you not to fail. That’s not what they’re asking. They’re asking to do.

What Your People Need From You

They’re asking to find a way to go towards your common goal, which was, in this case, being connected. And that were more we’re stronger now, more powerful together than we are alone. So these are the things that these people care about unconsciously, right? They’re not sending you notes about this, but this is just what I’m seeing from their energy as a whole that landed people are more in there. So it’s a big hole.

But that’s what they trust you with that, you will take this and you will move forward, and you will explore opportunities. And some of these won’t work. And some of these will work beautifully, and you will take them forward to the next level where they are stronger together there than they are separate. And this will grow your company. But most importantly, at this point, there there balance in life, their happiness.

We tend to feel happier when we’re balanced and this is missing right now. They feel it. They feel the discomfort. This is missing. So two things for you, pay attention when the feeling comes up the symptom and then ask yourself what you were just thinking that’s usually a thought that was leading you astray don’t follow that thought.

Your Mission Is Not To Avoid Failure

Don’t keep going in that direction, whatever that was. And remember, write this down. Your mission is not to avoid failure for their sake. They’re trusting you with the vision, the goal, that you will lead them in a direction that is good for them and good for you, and that you will explore those opportunities to come back with the one that works. And in order to do that, you have to try, you have to be willing to create sparks.

Conflict, failure. You have to be willing because one of these will pay out, and then you’ll be back again on top. Because really, this thing that makes your confidence go like this. It’s not over. It was the first pipe was not an event that was done.

It’s going, going, going. It’ll be done when your confidence is back and you go, oh, that’s what I needed to do. I needed to just go back and say, I’m going to refocus on my goal and keep going, and I will get there. This is the one I will get there. This is the confidence breacher that will make you go over the choppiness and then you keep going and you’ll get your people out of the dark hole that they’re into right now.

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