I use meditations to calm my mind and soothe my emotions. I especially enjoy meditations that purposely take me to a place “I want to go”.

These meditations are intended to guide you towards the better life you wish for yourself.

Listen, Enjoy, Repeat!

Calming your frazzled mind

Our minds can get so wrapped up in the frenzy of everyday life that we can’t connect with our true self anymore. Take 10 minutes to step away from it all and reconnect with your calm inner self.



I feel that most of my intuitive work involves healing. I often help people heal physically and emotionally from traumatizing past events or daily struggles. Our body remembers *everything* and by healing physical symptoms, we also heal the mind…and vice versa!



The lack of money is one of the most common reason why people feel they are unhappy. I know this well having struggled myself with major financial set backs several times during my life. And yet I find that nothing helped me more to overcome this limitation than staying focused on “abundance” in all of its delightful manifestations.

The focus of this visual meditation is a meandering path towards true abundance. Not just the dollars (although that counts) but also the feeling of riches that comes from within.