Intuition 101: The One Question You Should Never Ask

Never, ever ask your intuition a question that starts with “when”. When will I be able to retire. When will I find a better job. When will I meet my soul mate.

These types of questions are doomed to leave you more confused than before you asked them. And here’s why!

Your Intuition is Not Psychic


As much as I’d love to hand out winning lottery numbers, intuition is not able to predict the future. Nothing is set in stone and every decision you make, even the tiniest ones, can change the course of your life.

Asking a “when” question is no better than using a magic 8 ball to make a decision. And your intuition can do a lot better than that!

“When” is Giving Away All Your Power

The answer to a “when” question is also pretty useless. If you receive an actual date, will you trust it? What if it says you have to wait 5 years before you can find a better job? What if the answer is never? None of this is helpful.

disappointment intuition

In fact, it’s downright demoralizing!

Asking a “when” question is fundamentally filled with self-doubt. It’s a tell-tale sign that you don’t think you can reach this goal anymore. You’ve given up, deep down inside.

And as you reach for a smidgen of reassurance, this question is draining your power away. Because there’s nothing you can do with the answer to a “when” question. It will either fill you with false hope or painful disappointment.

How To Ask Your Intuition The Perfect Question About The Future

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So what’s a better way to get an empowering answer about the future? Start with “How Can I“. Now there’s a winner.

Just saying it out loud instantly feels better: “How can I retire early? How can I find a better job? How can I meet my soul mate?”

Yesssss! Your intuition can provide deeply meaningful answers to these questions.

Not only are you affirming your goal by assuming it’s reachable (which it always 100% true) but you’re specifically asking for actionable insight. You’re making it very clear that you want to map out how to get there.

And this is a double win: it feels good to ask this question and it feels good to get started right away by using the answer! So ask away!

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Elise Lebeau, M.Sc. | The Left Brain Intuitive
PS: You are loved. Always.

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