What is an Impaired Empath?

If you’ve just figured out you’re an Empath, you already know that you might be picking up on other people’s feelings throughout the day.  An Impaired Empath as someone who is unable to control the flow of emotional information they pick up from other people.

An Impaired Empath is unable to control the flow of emotional signals they pick up from other people.

It’s like a tsunami wave that rolls over you, leaving you flat on the ground, confused and exhausted.

An Impaired Empath is usually unaware of what is happening to her.  This sense of emotional churning has been there for as long as she can remember and no one ever explained how she can tame her wild Empath skills to avoid being crushed by them.

First, let’s walk through this process in slow motion, so we can see how it works.

The Trigger: Receiving Empath Signals

Empaths are like a radio receiver:  they pick up the “emotional signals” emitted by other people.

Some Empaths unknowingly tune into all the signals around them.   Their trigger is always “on”.  That means you’re listening to lots of high drama radio shows 24/7. Ouch!  Makes it hard to sleep at night or focus on your job.

Other Empaths listen only to signal from specific people, like their loved ones.  That makes it a little easier but you’re still liable to be overcome by sadness as you mom received bad news that you’re still unaware of.

Finally,  an Empath can also pick up on specific events.  When you touch someone or make eye contact, you’re more likely to accidentally tune into their emotional signal.

The Wave: Processing Empath Information

When you’ve tuned into someone else’s emotional signal, their feelings create an emotional activation within you that works like an echo: you experience their rage, their sadness, their confusion.  It becomes yours too.

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The Release: Letting Go

Once you’ve completed the connection with them, you let it go.  You disconnect from their signal, the emotions flush out of you and it’s over.  You’re back to being “just you”.

When things go wrong: The Impaired Empath

For Impaired Empaths, the process tends to work more like this…

  1. Someone feels an emotion, usually a very strong, negative one and you accidentally tune into their emotional signals. Problem #1.
  2. You are hit by the emotional wave and experience huge emotional activation.  Problem #2.
  3. That’s it… you never release and you keep feeling crappy long after they have moved on!  Problem #3.

The good news is that all these problems can be solved!  You can see how on my free Empath Resource page


So you are an Empath. BUT…
You have read the books…
Browsed the online programs…
Wandered the forums…

And yet still can’t figure out what’s happening to you and how to control it?

For the first time EVER, you can get help that is JUST RIGHT for you. Tell me what’s happening: where are you struggling? I will use my Empath skills to see what the problem is and provide specific step by step instructions for YOU.

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