Elise’s Crystal Jewelry and Paintings

Healing Art for Sensitive People

Have you noticed how different colors affect your mood and energy?  From soothing blues to creative reds, strong visual stimulation alters your state of mind.

These natural crystal pendants and dancing color acrylics are lovingly handmade to awaken, purify and balance your energy.

How does it work?  The energy of each piece is designed to encourage:

Fluid Energy

Flow is critical to prevent stagnation which can lead to feelings of being stuck or depressed.  Sluggish energy often surrounds painful issues that we’re trying to avoid.

Pure Energy

Polluted energy is filled with foreign stuff, like other people’s opinion of you or what they think you should do with your life.  Purifying your energy brings you back to feeling grounded and in tune with your own intuition.

Balanced Energy

Although the layout of energy flow varies for each of us, having balanced energy insures that we’re not dominated by a specific area of our lives, such as a drama filled love relationship or a workaholic tendency.  Balance allows us to keep the big picture in mind and resolve problems more efficiently.