Free Intuitive Training: Crystal Clear Intuition in 6 Easy Steps

Give a Reading Like a Pro!

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Are you intuitive?

Do you wish you could give yourself a reading? Or offer professional readings?

Distilled from 15 years of experience, this is my bulletproof, step by step, down to earth protocol to a clear intuitive reading.

1) How to Access Your Intuition  ~ 4 different techniques: pick your favorite one!

2) How to Deliver Accurate Intuition  ~ Vanquish distortion and finally trust your intuitive insights

3) How to Practice Intuition ~ Jump into my online forums to practice giving readings

And best of all: This is a Free Intuitive Training!

Introduction (2:49 min)

  • Are you intuitive, like most of my clients?
  • Why a free training?
  • Why an online class?

The Three Challenges of Crystal Clear Intuition (11:15 min)

  1. How to Access Your Intuition?
  2. How to Avoid Your Intuitive Nemesis: Distortion?
  3.  How to Trust Your Intuitive Insights?

Your First Intuitive Reading! (28:25 min)

  • 6 Steps to Crystal Clear Intuition (with practice!)


Download and print the PDF CheatSheet:  GiveAReadingLikeAPro.pdf