Empaths at Work

Unless you work in a highly spiritual business, you’re probably the only self-aware Empath in the office.

Upon discovering their Empath abilities, many people feel the urge to quit their job and work in a setting that will use their Empath skills. Before you make that jump, let’s clarify a few things…

Unless you’re a Balanced or Professional Empath, you are probably not ready to put the pressure of “performance” on your skills. It’s very different to use your skills just for yourself than having to rely on them to help someone else. It’s important to get trained as you are doing now first.

You might already be in the right place! Before you quit your job, consider that Empath skills can be used in pretty much every situation in life. I have seen Empaths in marketing, office administration, school teaching and even at my local Starbucks Coffee!

There might be plenty of opportunity to train your Empath skills at your current job, until you’re ready to move on to something else.

Anchor your Space: Technique 5

Being surrounded by stressed, angry or depressed co-workers can easily send Empaths in a tailspin. Especially in settings where you have very little personal space.

In this exercise, you’ll reclaim your own bubble of personal space, even in a cramped setting.

1) Ensure that you are practicing Technique 1 and Technique 2 on a daily basis, until you get the hang of it and can do it automatically.

2) Think for a moment about having space and feeling safe. What images come to mind? Do you think of the beach? A trip to the lake? Being at church? Being alone at home?

3) Select an object that you will imbue with the emotional feelings that you associate with those emotions. It can be a crystal, a picture of your vacation spot, a stuffed animal, etc.

4) Hold the selected object in your hands, while you think about “having space”, “freedom” and “feeling safe”. Visualize your emotions running through the object.

5) Anchor it in your mind by saying out loud: “I am in my space.   This is a safe place.” while holding your object.

6) Bring the object at work (you can also keep it in your purse or pocket). Several times a day, or when you start to feel tired, angry or depressed, touch this object and say to yourself : “I am in my space.   This is a safe place.” . It only takes a few seconds, but it will tell your mind to focus on these calming and centering thoughts.

7) Pay attention to how you feel after this exercise.  You’re looking for a sense of relief.


PRACTICE: Every day for 2 weeks.