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Empaths in a crowd

Most topics in the Empath Survival Program have emerged from situations that are usually uncomfortable for Impaired Empaths. Crowds can be very difficult for Empaths because of the physical proximity which makes it more likely that we’ll start tuning into them and become overwhelmed by their emotions. If you’re surrounded by hundreds of people, that adds up pretty quickly.

Empath Survival Program Technique 3: Moving through crowds

I have developed two different version of this technique.  Use the one you like best!

Version 1

1) Rate how you feel right now, from 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good).

2) Close your eyes and visualize the particles in your body getting more and more spaced out. They are expanding like a gas, so there is more space between each atom in your body.

3) Imagine now that your own magnetic field is expanding too: It is as big as the room…as big as the building you’re in…as big as the city block…How big can you get it???

4) When your energy is too dense (which is a reflex when we’re trying to protect ourselves from a perceived threat), other people’s stuff can get caught in it, like fruit in Jell-o…But when there is more space between the particles in your body, it’s easy for other people’s stuff to “slip past you” instead of getting caught in your energy field. They just flow right through you!

5) Rate how you feel again, from 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good). If it’s going up, you’re on the right track! Keep practicing!

Version 2

Some Empath don’t like this exercise because they already feel like they’re transparent and other people are walking all over them.  If you feel this way, try this version!

When you are walking through the crowd, imagine that you are clearing a path ahead of you, like Moses parting the Red sea. Instead of hitting you, other people’s emotions are deflected to your left and to your right, allowing you to glide through without picking up their emotions.