Volume Dial
Turn Up My Volume

If you’ve been living in a very emotionally loud environment for many years, you’re probably used to it by now.  But it’s really hard to know exactly how YOU feel when you’re drowning in other people’s emotional signals.

Once you can turn down the volume of what you’re picking up from other people (Technique 1), it’s time to focus on yourself again.  When your inner space is quieter, you can tune in to what YOU WANT, not what other people want from you.  What a relief!

Empath Survival Program Technique 2

1) Close your eyes and imagine a volume dial in front of you that goes from 0 to 10.  Put a label on this dial that says something like “My Feelings” or just “Me”.  This dial represents how much of your own feeling are available in your awareness.  Most Impaired Empath© are overrun by other people’s stuff and can barely connect with their own emotions.

3) Turn the  dial a few notches up.  Don’t try to jump all the way to 10.  This will likely bring up too many intense feelings that were kept quiet for many years.  Be gentle and go up on your volume dial a little bit at a time.  Eventually, you will naturally rest on 10.

4) Take a deep breath to reboot your mind. It takes a moment for your brain to realize that things have changed.

5) Try to identify how YOU feel right now.  Can you articulate your own emotions and opinions?