/ / Elise’s Empath Survival Program: Technique 1 – Turn Down The Volume

Turn Down The Volume

Most Impaired Empaths don’t realize that they can tune in and out of other people’s emotions.  So they are ALWAYS picking up everyone’s feelings and end up exhausted and overwhelmed.

Learning to modulate your emotional sensitivity is the #1 skill you need to become a Balanced Empath.

Empath Survival Program Technique 1

1) Let’s start by making sure you are grounded. Stand up and take a few seconds to pay attention to the spot where your feet meet the ground. Do you feel your socks against the sole of your feet? This is where you are connect to the Earth, a stable grounding point.

2) Close your eyes and imagine a volume dial in front of you that goes from 0 to 10. Put a label on this dial that says something like “other people’s emotions”. This dial represents how much you’re picking up from other people right now. What number are you on? Most Impaired Empaths© are always on 10.

3) Turn the dial down a few notches. Can you get to 8?  DO NOT try to get all the way down to 0. Your mind might refuse to do this. Being an Empath is part of who you are. We’re trying to make this more comfortable, not yank it out.  Can you turn it down, even a little?

4) How do you know it’s working: Our criterion for success is a feeling of relief. Do you have a little more breathing room? Is your stomach easing up? Do you feel slightly calmer? These seemingly small changes add up over time. The more you practice, the more often you will experience these moments of emotional calm.

Here’s the best part

I have been teaching this technique for over 10 years and this coaching video shows me my best tips on how to make this work for you, including the most common problems you might run into (and how to solve them, of course).

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