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Are you an Impaired Empath©?
Do you feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions? You don’t have to live like this!
You can learn to train your Empath skills with right now with my free Empath Survival Program.

Left Brain Intuitive

Hi, my name is Elise and I’m an empath.  I felt just like you when I realized that I was Empath.  But over the last 15 years, I’ve tried a lot of different ways to rein in my wild empath skills. It wasn’t easy but I eventually distilled essential techniques that quickly provided relief from my debilitating empath side effects, which led me to publish this free Empath course back in 2007.

Although it started as sharing some techniques that saved my emotional sanity, it turned out to be a life-changing experience for thousands of Empaths who were struggling too.  Which is why I’m offering you this FREE Empath Training.  No gimmick.  No SPAM. There’s no catch.  Just work at your own pace and pick up the techniques you need the most.

Everyone is unique which means some Empath training techniques will work better for you than others.

What you really need is PRACTICE!
Are you ready? Let’s get started!

  • Technique 1 – Turn Down Their Volume.  This is the first technique I recommend for all Empaths!  It brings immediate relief from feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Technique 2 – Turn Up Your Volume. Do you feel confused in everyday life?  Is it hard to figure out what YOU want?  Use this technique to reconnect to your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Technique 3 – Moving Through Crowds. Do you struggle when going to the mall, a party, or a funeral?  Stop the madness!  Learn how to remain yourself while being in a crowd.
  • Technique 4 – Empaths In Relationships. Wether or not your companion is an Empath, this technique will keep you grounded when you’re having one of those tough conversations.
  •  Technique 5 – Empaths at Work. I worked in a cubicle for 20 years! This technique saved my emotional sanity when densely surrounded by co-workers.
  • Technique 6 – Feeling Safe. Do you feel exposed or vulnerable to everyone’s anger, frustration and resentment? Empaths can easily absorb all those external negative emotion and drown in them.  Follow me in a coaching video to train your mind and heart to feel safe again.
  •  Technique 7 – Grounding Techniques. So much emotional noise!  Are you struggling to focus?  Grounding is your life-line, allowing to stay connected to your Soul: peaceful and quiet.

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So you are an Empath. BUT…
You have read the books…
Browsed the online programs…
Wandered the forums…

And yet still can’t figure out what’s happening to you and how to control it?

For the first time EVER, you can get help that is JUST RIGHT for you. Tell me what’s happening: where are you struggling? I will use my Empath skills to see what the problem is and provide specific step by step instructions for YOU.

Keep in mind that you can be HONEST. I won’t be surprised, shocked or skeptical because I have been there myself. I was an Impaired Empath. With a single coaching session, I can show you how to get your wild Empath skills under control.

Professional Intuitive | The Left Brain Intuitive

Elise Lebeau, M.Sc. The Left Brain Intuitive | Professional Intuitive
PS: You are loved. Always.

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