balanced empath Someone asked me this question recently:

“When you describe certain “side effects” of being an Empaths, why is it that we have a hard time falling asleep before midnight? This is one of the hardest things for me to deal with and I have taken a sleeping pill on more than one occasion to go to sleep earlier.

This was my response:

We have a hard time falling asleep because other people are emotionally active in the evening.  They’re watching Survivor, or feeling depressed about their job or arguing with their spouse.  But by the time everyone is asleep, things finally get quiet for us, making it easier to fall asleep.

If you have this problem I would suggest:
1) Use Exercise 1 from the Empath Survival Program to “turn down the volume” of other people when you want to fall asleep

2) Some Empaths stay awake because they subconsciously feel responsible for others.  Like a mother who can’t sleep until the baby is asleep in the other room :)  If this resonates with you, then I would suggest you work on releasing yourself from feeling responsible for other people’s feelings.


in love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D., Professional Intuitive

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