Rose Quartz: The Ultimate Stone for Empaths

Each crystal has a unique vibration that is both extremely pure and very powerful for sensitive people like Empaths. Holding crystals or wearing crystal jewelry can positively affect our own energy.

What is the Best Crystal for Empaths?

Although everyone will react differently to a particular crystal, Rose Quartz is by far the most common “power stone” for Empaths.

1)  Soothing vibration calms emotions, which is a life saver for Impaired Empaths who are constantly being triggered by other people’s negative emotions.

2) Nurturing properties gently heals the heart energy where most Empaths have been wounded from unshielded exposure to toxic negative emotions.

3) Strong and steady energy provide much needed grounding so that Empaths can feel safe even in chaotic environments.

Where Can I Find a Rose Quartz Crystal?

I always keep several rose quartz pendants in the Color Luminis gallery

How Do I Used This Crystal Pendant?

  • Wear this pendant as a powerful reminder of your unshakable intention to heal your heart.
  • Touch your pendant often during the day.
  • Tune in to its gentle yet powerful energy, reminding you of the way back into Love.

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