This question recently came up in the Empath Community forums…

“I have been watching my 5 yr old…She is kind of a mother hen, She is drawn to people and animals that are sick or in pain, or are weak…Then she ends up that night with leg cramps, diarrhea, and headaches…I was wondering if there were any way to help her control it or help her. I know she does not know she is doing it.

Has anyone else dealt with this or does anyone have any suggestions?”


I would suggest that you setup a ritual for your daughter before she goes to bed that will allow her to ground and shed anything she has picked up from other people.   Here are some example:

Make up a cleansing rhyme, to be used as a sort of affirmation, for her to say like “I am safe, I am fine, I leave everything behind”.  You could tell her it will help her sleep better.  This simple phrase will tell her mind to let go of other people’s state of being.


–  Teach her to filter out what is not hers, like with the “turning down the volume” (Empath Survival Program – Technique 1) when she gets a symptom that she obviously picked up from someone else.   This will help her focus on herself and not on other people’s state of being.


– Teach her a grounding technique to use before or after she is exposed to a person in distress.  Being grounded allows us to remain centered and NOT get confused with other people’s state of being.  Doing a “yoga breath” (that’s what I call it with my son) where the child breathes deeply 3 times to “fill all the way into their belly with air” works well with young kids.


Once she’s comfortable with whatever you choose to do, you can have her use this during the day when you notice that she has taken on other people’s state of being.


I hope this helps :)

in love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D., Professional Intuitive