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The Impaired Empath©: Managing Your Empath Triggers

Being an Impaired Empath© can have a disastrous impact on your social life: some Impaired Empaths never want to go out, while those who DO go out can attract endless gut wrenching confidences, even from strangers.  Everyone want to spill their guts at you!

What was supposed to be a fun evening will now take a huge toll on you while you listen, feel every bit of their emotional turmoil and try to “help”.

In a previous post, we discussed how the Empath Experience© comes in a 3 step process:

1) The Trigger

2) The Wave

3) The Release

Becoming a Balanced Empath involves learning how to control you wild Empath skills. This is the most powerful change your can make in your life to regain your emotional sanity.

Let’s see how you can do this in the first phase of the Empath Experience: The Trigger.

Managing your Empath Triggers

As we discussed here,  Impaired Empaths© usually have very frequent triggers.  They get triggered by eye contact, shaking someone’s hand,  thinking about someone they love or just when the phone rings.

The most sensitive Empaths are plagued with a very challenging trigger: proximity.  Just being physically close to someone can cause you to tune into them.  This is particularly tricky in crowded venues such as shopping malls or at work.

To make things worse, most Impaired Empaths© experience unconscious triggers.  Meaning they will be triggered without realizing it.  All of a sudden, they feel crappy and they don’t know why.

So the very first step towards becoming a Balanced Empath is to NOTICE when you start to feel emotionally activated.   Most Empath just think that all this emotional noise they pick up from others is normal, and they just need to live with it.  NUH UH! (Seriously, I’m shaking my head vigorously while I’m saying this!)

Take a moment to identify your most comment Empath Triggers

  • Proximity
  • Eye Contact
  • Physical Touch
  • Specific People (who?)
  • Specific Situations (when?)

Paying attention to emotional activation allows you to discover your Empath Triggers.

It’s usually shocking to realize how OFTEN you are being triggered without realizing it.  It’s like you’re constantly being stung by an invisible bee.  Ouch!

However, knowing when you are getting triggered allows you to do something about it.  Instead of a helpless victim to a process you can’t control, you’re in charge now.  YES! (I’m shaking my head vigorously AGAIN).

Once you realize you’ve been activated, use Technique 1 in the Empath Survival Program© to Turn Down the Volume.  By using this simple technique, you can tell your own mind to filter “out” the emotional information you are currently picking up from other people.