Empath Hyper Vigilance

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Do you feel trapped in a dark place? It seem that everywhere you look, there’s only suffering, hatred, conflict. Beware that you might have developed Empath hyper vigilance, a sure way to end up in emotional Hell.

Why do we Develop Empath Hyper Vigilance?

It’s true that Empaths are more affected by the emotional fabric that surround them.  And negative emotions are always picked up first, because they are “louder”. This serves an evolutionary purpose: we’re trying to protect ourselves from danger.

But we can accidentally become hyper vigilant to negative emotions by paying too much attention to them.  Everywhere we turn, it’s all we see.  It’s all we feel.  And pretty soon, we’re drowning in a sea of toxic feelings, incapable to finding solid ground that is not painful.

The way out of this dark place is not “outside” but within ourselves. There is a place inside your own consciousness where things are quiet, without the noise of everyone else’s feelings.  

How Can We Stop it?

Here’s a two step process you can use today to get there.

Step 1: Use Technique 1 from my Empath Survival Program.  It really helps turn down the emotional noise from other people.  In fact, most Empaths I talk to report this is the #1 Technique that made a difference in their happiness!  That’s why I also made a youtube video to show you exactly how to use it.

Step 2: Use Technique 5 to create an Anchor. This technique is great because you can literally carry it with you! Keep your Anchor in your purse or around your neck, if you like crystal jewelry.  Although you can pick anything you’d like as your Anchor, Empaths report that Rose Quartz is especially soothing when you feel like you’re drowning in emotional noise.

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