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empath feng shuiEmpaths and Intuitives tend to be extremely sensitive to everything around them.  Which is why it is SO important for us to surround ourselves with positive energy, especially when it comes to our home.

“Home” is the place where we rest from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.  For Empaths, having a calm, soothing and supportive home environment allows us to ground, recharge and rejuvenate on a daily basis.

I recently felt like my newly purchased house needed some “energy upgrades”.  I had already made some changes based on my intuitive sense of what was needed but I wanted someone’s expert perspective.  By a weird series of events, I fortunately connected with Cheryl Janis, a very gifted Feng Shui consultant and, incidentally, an Empath.

What I like most about Feng Shui is that it can make a world of difference for spiritually sensitive people.  It tends to be annoying how to we pick up every negative energy around us.  BUT we can also pick up every positive energy as well…if we’re paying to attention to it.  Adjusting the energy in our home can bring about a huge transformation and a major sigh of relief in our daily life.

No matter what kind of energy quirks we have going on, Feng Shui can offer solutions.  Most of the time, they are VERY simple ones too!  Changing the paint color to a more soothing palette, adding a mirror to deflect negative energy, hanging a Crystal to expand positive energy that might have been going down the drain…There’s always a remedy for whatever you have going on.

Feng Shui is also about intention.  If you want to increase the harmony without your relationships, you can add more lighting in that corner of the house or hang a chi boosting crystal.  In turn, every time you look at that new light, you are reminded of your intention to have loving friends and family surrounding you.  It’s a process that affects not only your energy but your consciousness as well.

In the end, I feel that the benefits of Feng Shui are especially powerful for sensitive people like us.  And here’s one instance where being sensitive is a VERY GOOD thing!

PS: the funniest thing is that Cheryl is a long time member of the Empath Community, a web site I created to support Empaths!  I had never met a member of my web site in person and this was a very exciting “first” for me!!!!  Some things are just meant to be…


in love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D., Professional Intuitive

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  1. Cheryl Janis says:

    Hello Elise,

    What sweet joy to read this wonderful article! My time with you at your home was magical, and meeting you in person was meeting my kindred Spirit. I left with a big smile on my face.

    So many people who contact me for Feng Sui are empaths, even though they oftentimes don’t know it. They do know what’s bothering them, and the purpose and joy in my work is to help create sacred spaces (through Feng Shui) at home and at work to really harmonize and improve the surrounding energy that can be so debilitating to empaths.

    Feng Shui is powerful and it works in many ways to improve our quality of life.

    Many thanks Elise and a heartfelt hug for the mention.

    I look forward to our next visit wherever that may be. :-)

    Empath and Feng Shui Consultant

  2. Sandy says:

    Great article, Elise! After our session today, I’m ready to dive into all the Feng Shui articles I can find on-line to improve the energy of my home.
    Who knew that those renovations I made a few years ago were the source of abundance leaving my home instead of flowing to me! It all made sense when we talked this afternoon & I’m confident that I can make some simple changes to alter that energy back to what it should be.

    Thanks so much!!
    Sandy :)

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