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Are you a confused Empath?

Do you know what your heart truly wants?

This can be an extremely difficult question to answer for an Empath.  Empaths are constantly flooded by what other people feel, making it hard to “hear” their own heart.  It’s like trying to listen to the wind during a rock concert.

And yet, inner peace and happiness require a constant conversation with the heart to guide us towards what we truly want!

This kind of conversation can only take place in a very quiet place, filled only with our own spirit.  Empaths tend to struggle with this as they are pulled away from who they are because they are constantly exposed to how other people feel about everything else.

So how do you get yourself in that quiet place?  Meditations comes to mind… but  I personally used to be unable to meditate because I was so distracted by other people’s stuff!  And my mind can’t focus on “nothing”.

What helped me the most were the guided meditations by Orin. I have a large stack of them on my iPhone and I listen to them while I play solitaire (also on my iPhone).  I have to keep my mind busy in order to get it quiet, ironically.  But this works wonders for me!

I also used all kinds of Meditation Techniques You’ve Never Heard Of to help me through this rambunctious journey towards the quiet within.

If you’re an Empath, finding a way to quiet your mind and emotions so that you can hear your own heart is a critical skill.

What can you do today to get started?


in love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D., Professional Intuitive