Are you an Impaired Empath?

  • You sponge up the emotions of those around you

  • You feel overwhelmed when surrounded by groups of people, feeling exhausted at the end of the day

  • You are confused about what YOU need to be happy because you’re focused on other people’s needs

  • I’m not sure!  Start here to gets the basics:  What is an Empath?

Without Empath training, your natural skills can leave you drained, depressed and confused.

They control you, instead of you controlling them.

professional intuitive empath

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.
Professional Intuitive

Hi, my name is Elise and I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself.

But I am living proof that it’s possible to live a balanced and fulfilling life where you can express your Empath skills.

And today I can walk you through a helpful Empath training process, with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this in your own life. More peace. More fulfillment. More fun. (We like fun!)

What’s in an Empath Training Session?

First, keep in mind that working with an Empath might surprise you a little.
Up to now, you’ve been the one who “knows” how other people feel. You’ve been the one who worries about them. You’re the one they come to for help.

But this time, you’ll be the one receiving these helpful insights.

So how does it work?

  • Training sessions start with a simple question: “How can I help you?”. And maybe for the first time ever, you can honestly say what you feel and where you’re stuck because I won’t think it’s weird.
  • Once I know where you’re struggling, we’ll dive into a deep Empath reading. Not something prefabricated, not a cookie cutter blurb but real emotional insights about you. Knowledge is power. Figuring out the problem wins most of the battle!
  • Finally, we’re going all the way with a step by step solution. There’s lots of tools out there to help Empaths but which one can help YOU? By the end of your Empath training session, you’ll have a helpful plan of action.
  • Email Session
  • Quick. Easy. Convenient.

    1) Pick a spot on my schedule.
    2) Tell me where you’re struggling.
    3) Receive an email with an audio link to your training session. Listen anytime!
    PS: You do NOT have to be online for the appointment.

  • $39

  • Phone Session
  • Do you you prefer to talk “live” and ask every question that pops in your head?

    Let’s have an in-depth phone/skype conversation.

    No need to prepare anything, I will walk you through the entire process!

  • $115

PSSssst: Not sure if this is what you need? Is this for real?  No worries!
Try it and if it’s not what you expected, you can request a refund within 24 hours of your first session.

What are REAL people saying about their session?

Marta had her doubts but…

“To be honest with you, after I booked I began having doubts about whether you could help me.  Gratefully, I was wrong.

I am having trouble putting into words just how much what you said resonated with me. Words cannot express how deeply your insight touched me and how authentic your understanding and advice was.  I came to you because I felt like I had encountered an obstacle on my path that I just could not pass.

After the session I have been able to move the obstacle aside and am now passing by with confidence and once again have resumed my journey forward.”

Greg thought it was amazing…

I had been feeling powerless to stop other people from dumping their emotions on me. Elise not only found ways to cope with being an empath but also developed her empathic skills to such a degree that she is truly of great service to others who are struggling with this powerful emotional energy. I think working with Elise is a major key in my path of spiritual and personal growth. This was a missing piece that I was unable to work through in the past.

Megan felt a painful weight lifted from her shoulders…

Elise is a gift! Her insight and wisdom into my situation has brought healing and understanding to years of pain and frustration. As a fellow intuitive, I am always very particular about who I work with. I truly feel I was guided to Elise and am so grateful for the clear and loving message she was able to share with me. I now know how to move forward with power, grace, and love. I look forward to working with her again!

Samantha experienced a shift in her side effects…   

I really enjoyed my training session. A lot of my symptoms have softened already since getting started with the Empath Survival Program. It feels very good to get a sense of what’s been happening and be able to learn about it.

Shannon felt it was so easy…  

It is amazing how Elise can get to the root cause of the problem with such accuracy while giving easy and helpful methods to work on your issue. If you don’t know what is going on, you just say I’m stuck and she will loosen the knots to help you come to a better place.

Sheila was surprised

Elise really nailed the things that were bothering me. Some I knew but others were new and totally unexpected. She gave me exercises to do to help me contain the overload I was experiencing and this just through email!

Ben has a new outlook on life…  

By working with Elise, I’ve greatly increased my ability to hear and trust my own intuition.  I can now easily connect with what is really best for me because of this clarity.   It is the greatest gift and I am having more fun than ever in my life!”

Lisa found her session insightful…

Working with Elise has brought me a level of peace and acceptance – for which I am extremely grateful. Her insightfulness and ability to communicate – meeting me just where I am – is profound.   My life is all the better because I have had contact with her!”

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