Turn Down The Volume

How To Modulate Emotional Information

Most Empaths learn to ignore the information we pick up from other people through their magnetic field. And there’s a very good reason for that…imagine for a moment: every thought, every emotion, from everyone on earth is currently generating magnetic information.

The sheer quantity of information is staggering.

But Impaired Empaths don’t always have good filters in place.  Which is why modulating our sensitivity to what receive from others is our most important survival skill.

Empath Survival Program Technique 1

1) Cempath Technique 1lose your eyes and imagine a volume dial in front of you that goes from 0 to 10.  Put a label on this dial that says something like “other people’s emotions”.  This dial represents how much you’re picking up from other people right now.  What number are you on?  Most Impaired Empaths© are always on 10.

2) Turn the  dial a few notches down.  Can you get to 8?  DO NOT try to get all the way down to 0.  Your mind will refuse to do this.  Being an Empath is part of who you are.  We’re trying to make this more comfortable, not yank it out 🙂  Instead, look for a feeling of relief.

3) Take a deep breath to reboot your mind. It takes a moment for your brain to realize that things have changed.

How do you know it’s working? Our criterion for success is a feeling of relief. Do you have a little more breathing room? Is your stomach easing up? Do you feel slightly calmer?  These seemingly small changes add up over time. The more you practice, the more often you will experience these moments of emotional calm.

PS:  If you CANNOT move the dial down or it pops back up immediately, there might be a part of you that is “reluctant” to disconnect from other people’s feelings.   You need to figure out WHY it’s happening before the dial will stay down.

You can investigate this by asking yourself: “Why do I feel obligated to stay tuned in to others?”  What would happen if you stopped?  Would you  feel guilty?  Would you feel vulnerable?

 If you can’t see what it is (sometimes we’re too close to the problem to see it clearly), you can schedule an Empath Training Session with me and I can pinpoint where the resistance is coming from.

PRACTICE: 20 to 30 times (whenever you feel overwhelmed) for two days. Then practice every day for 2 weeks.

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