Spot-On Intuitive Readings by a Professional with 20 Years of Experience

I am in awe from the intuitive reading you provided. I actually cried when you hit my fundamental issue on the head. I have never received a reading before and you answered many questions I’ve had most of my life. 

– Sarah


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Lost? Stuck? Confused? Find CLARITY with a Soul-Deep Intuitive Reading!
Intuitive Reading Clarity

An Intuitive Reading digs up the root cause of the problem, provides soul-deep answers to your question and helps you move forward with clarity.

A real Intuitive Reading is not a scam. It doesn’t hand out lottery numbers or promise that you’ll meet your soul mate “very soon”.

  • An Intuitive Reading is liberating – revealing the root cause of the problem.
  • An Intuitive Reading is empowering – providing a clear course of action.
  • An Intuitive Reading is inspiring – resonating deeply within your soul.

How Does An Intuitive Reading Work?

When you ask a question, I tune into your energy where everything is stored. Your body is like a computer hard drive that remembers everything. This allows me to pin-point the problem and identify what really caused it.

Then I open up to a wider range of intuitive information, mostly outside your physical body, to receive a clear message of what you most need to hear. Every intuitive session is powerfully healing. And shockingly Spot-On!

Left Brain Intuitive

This gift of intuition helped me find happiness in everyday life, while remaining deeply connected to my spiritual journey. It truly gave me life-changing insights.  And that’s why I love giving intuitive readings: I believe it can change your life too.

Elise Lebeau, M.Sc. | The Left Brain Intuitive

Predicting the Future in an Intuitive Reading

Intuitive insights cannot predict the future because nothing is set in stone. Every time you make a decision, the probability of future events change accordingly.

When you’re tempted to ask about the future ( “When will this happen?”), try to rephrase your question with the underlying present concern, like “I’m worried this event won’t happen. How can I increase the chances that it will?”.

When Do I Need a Reading?

empath heart

When you’re looking for real, cuddly, forever sort of love, I can shine a light on the root cause of why past relationships have been a little crummy so you can change direction and attract the right person.  

When you’re confused about your career, I can lift your thoughts from spinning in circles and match you up with the kind of work that works for you.

When you’re feeling lost on your spiritual journey, purposeless, or stuck, my intuitive insights can show you the deeper meaning  and direct you towards a more fulfilling life.

What Can You Ask in a Reading?

Here’s some tips:

1) You can ask a specific question like “I worked in a dental office and I feel completely exhausted by lunch time.  How can I improve this?”

2) You can describe your situation and let me find intuitive answers for you.  Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s wrong: we just feel stuck or confused.  That ok!

3) Don’t know what to ask? Just let me know and I seek out the most important message you need to hear today.


Love Notes from Real Clients

Are you wondering if an intuitive reading can help you?

Let me share with you some emails that really touched my heart, from people that had a deep, life-changing experience from their session with me.

I had been feeling powerless to stop other people from dumping their emotions on me.

Elise not only found ways to cope with being an empath but also developed her empathic skills to such a degree that she is truly of great service to others who are struggling with this powerful emotional energy.

I think working with Elise is a major key in my path of spiritual and personal growth. This was a missing piece that I was unable to work through in the past.

– Greg

Elise is a gift! Her insight and wisdom into my situation has brought healing and understanding to years of pain and frustration.

As a fellow intuitive, I am always very particular about who I work with. I truly feel I was guided to Elise and am so grateful for the clear and loving message she was able to share with me.

I now know how to move forward with power, grace, and love. I look forward to working with her again!

– Megan

I really enjoyed my Empath training session.

A lot of my symptoms have softened already since getting started with the Empath Survival Program.

It feels very good to get a sense of what’s been happening and be able to learn about it.

– Samantha

It is amazing how Elise can get to the root cause of the problem with such accuracy while giving easy and helpful methods to work on your issue.

If you don’t know what is going on, you just say I’m stuck and she will loosen the knots to help you come to a better place.

– Shannon

Elise really nailed the things that were bothering me.

Some I knew but others were new and totally unexpected. She gave me exercises to do to help me contain the overload I was experiencing and this just through email! 

– Sheila

By working with Elise, I’ve greatly increased my ability to hear and trust my own intuition.

I can now easily connect with what is really best for me because of this clarity.   It is the greatest gift and I am having more fun than ever in my life!

– Ben

Working with Elise has brought me a level of peace and acceptance – for which I am extremely grateful.

Her insightfulness and ability to communicate – meeting me just where I am – is profound.  

My life is all the better because I have had contact with her!

– Lisa

To be honest with you, after I booked I began having doubts about whether you could help me.  

Gratefully, I was wrong.

I am having trouble putting into words just how much what you said resonated with me. Words cannot express how deeply your insight touched me and how authentic your understanding and advice was.  

I came to you because I felt like I had encountered an obstacle on my path that I just could not pass.

After the session, I have been able to move the obstacle aside and am now passing by with confidence and once again have resumed my journey forward.

– Martha

I really want to thank you for the amazing reading you gave me. It has brought me so much clarity and a deeper understanding of me and my world.

I appreciate it more than words can express. It has made a difference in my life and will continue to do so for a very long time.

– Lee