Lost? Stuck? Confused? Clarity is calling!

intuitive readingSpot-On Intuitive Readings by a Professional Intuitive

You won’t find general, wishy washy guidance that could be about anyone’s life in my Intuitive Readings.

Get a reading from a Professional Intuitive and harness the full power of intuition – a sort of x-ray vision for the soul that cuts through the clutter, the chaos and the fears, honing in on the crucial information you need to understand and resolve what’s holding you back.

When we can see it, we can solve it!  Finely tuned by 15 years of experience, my intuitive readings provide specific solutions that resonate with you.

Let’s reveal the deeper meaning that lies beneath the surface of your life.

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D, Professional Intuitive

Hi, I’m Elise and I’ve been providing intuitive readings for over a decade. I LOVE helping people figure out what going on and how to get back on track towards the life they really want.

What is an Empath and Intuitive Reading?

When you’re feeling purposeless, overwhelmed or stuck in your journey, my intuitive insights can show you the deeper meaning of what’s going on and direct you towards a more fulfilling life.

When you’re looking for real, cuddly, forever sort of love, I can shine a light on the root cause of why past relationships have been a little crummy so you can change direction and attract the right person.  

When you’re confused about your career, I can stop your thoughts from spinning in circles and match you up with the kind of work that works for you.

This is my pledge to you

I will seek the most helpful and honest intuitive insight about your situation.

It’s not easy being honest.  I often know what people want me to say: that the old boyfriend will be back and the lottery money is coming soon.

But instead, I choose to tell you what you need to hear. I’m like that best friend who is not afraid to say that you have ketchup on your chin.  By being honest about the problem, we can also be honest about the real, life-changing solution.

What can you ask?

That is a great question!  The short answer is: you can ask ANYTHING.
But here’s some helpful tips.

booksImagine that all the answers about your life are in a huge library with your name on it.  All the books are organized by section (work, relationships, spiritual path, etc.) so we can find what we’re looking for easily.

You can ask something specific, like “I worked in a dental office and I feel completely exhausted by 11:00am.  What can I do to improve this?”.  With a question like that, I can go straight to the “work” section, find the book on “current job” and the page that talks about why you get so tired.  Your session will have an in depth  answer for this specific question.

You can ask something general, like “I feel stuck in my marriage. Why is that?”.  In this case, I know you want something from the relationship section.  From there, it’s easy to find the book that is the most relevant. It practically jumps out of the shelf!  You will get a thorough overview of this general area as well as specific steps you can take to improve it.

Want to expand your own intuitive or Empath skills?  You can also ask for a coaching session.  Here’s how: describe what ability you’d LOVE to develop and where you feel stuck or restricted.  I’ll take a look at this aspect of your life, give you an honest reading about where you are now and provide concrete instructions on how to get there.

Predicting the future

Intuitive insights do not predict the future because nothing is set in stone.  Every time you make a decision, the probability that a certain event will happen changes. So if you ask “when will this happen”, I will answer the underlying question which is “I’m worried this event won’t happen. How can I change that and increase the chances that it will?”.


  • Intuitive Training
  • Give a Reading Like a Pro: 6 Easy Steps to Crystal Clear Intuition

    Are you intuitive? Do you wish you could give yourself a reading? Or offer professional readings?

    Distilled from 15 years of experience, this is my bulletproof, step by step, down to earth protocol to a clear intuitive reading.

    Video Training (40 minutes) + email support

  • $29
  • Email Session
  • Is this your first time? Let’s start with an email session…It’s easy and affordable!

    1) Pick a spot on my schedule.

    2) Describe your questions
    • 1 question $29
    • 3 questions $49
    • Unlimited $79

    3) Receive an email with an audio link to your intuitive reading. Listen anytime!
    PS: You do NOT have to be online for the appointment.

  • $29 – $79
  • Phone Session
  • Returning for more?
    Let’s talk “live” and answer every puzzling question that’s been haunting you!

    Not sure what to ask? No problem! I can walk you through the entire process.

    Please email me if you want to schedule a phone session. Phone or Skype available.

  • $115

PSSssst: Not sure if this is what you need? Is this for real?  No worries!
Try it and if it’s not what you expected, you can request a refund within 24 hours of your FIRST session.

What are REAL people saying about their session?

Marta had her doubts but…

“To be honest with you, after I booked I began having doubts about whether you could help me.  Gratefully, I was wrong.

I am having trouble putting into words just how much what you said resonated with me. Words cannot express how deeply your insight touched me and how authentic your understanding and advice was.  I came to you because I felt like I had encountered an obstacle on my path that I just could not pass.

After the session I have been able to move the obstacle aside and am now passing by with confidence and once again have resumed my journey forward.”

Greg thought it was amazing…

I had been feeling powerless to stop other people from dumping their emotions on me. Elise not only found ways to cope with being an empath but also developed her empathic skills to such a degree that she is truly of great service to others who are struggling with this powerful emotional energy. I think working with Elise is a major key in my path of spiritual and personal growth. This was a missing piece that I was unable to work through in the past.

Megan felt a painful weight lifted from her shoulders…

Elise is a gift! Her insight and wisdom into my situation has brought healing and understanding to years of pain and frustration. As a fellow intuitive, I am always very particular about who I work with. I truly feel I was guided to Elise and am so grateful for the clear and loving message she was able to share with me. I now know how to move forward with power, grace, and love. I look forward to working with her again!

Samantha experienced a shift in her side effects…   

I really enjoyed my training session. A lot of my symptoms have softened already since getting started with the Empath Survival Program. It feels very good to get a sense of what’s been happening and be able to learn about it.

Shannon felt it was so easy…  

It is amazing how Elise can get to the root cause of the problem with such accuracy while giving easy and helpful methods to work on your issue. If you don’t know what is going on, you just say I’m stuck and she will loosen the knots to help you come to a better place.

Sheila was surprised

Elise really nailed the things that were bothering me. Some I knew but others were new and totally unexpected. She gave me exercises to do to help me contain the overload I was experiencing and this just through email!

Ben has a new outlook on life…  

By working with Elise, I’ve greatly increased my ability to hear and trust my own intuition.  I can now easily connect with what is really best for me because of this clarity.   It is the greatest gift and I am having more fun than ever in my life!”

Lisa found her session insightful…

Working with Elise has brought me a level of peace and acceptance – for which I am extremely grateful. Her insightfulness and ability to communicate – meeting me just where I am – is profound.   My life is all the better because I have had contact with her!”