I Can Feel Your Pain: How to Cope with Life as an Empath

Empath Book I Can Feel Your Pain

Finally! A comprehensive and revealing book for Empaths.

Built on 10 years of personal research and professional experience, this book tells it ALL.


Maybe you always know how other people feel? Maybe you feel uncomfortable in large crowds and need alone time? Maybe you carry everybody’s pain as if it was your own?

Maybe you’re an Empath?

Empaths are sensitive people who experience the emotions of others as their own: We feel what others feel. It’s a blessing, it’s a curse but most of all, it’s a skill that you can master. Take an inner journey to become a Balanced Empath and discover Elise’s Empath Survival Program: The 7 most effective techniques to regain your emotional sanity.

Initially published in 2007, this self-help program walks you through the most common Empath challenges and provide concrete instructions to vanquish them.


About the Author

Professional Intuitive Empath Elise Lebeau M.Sc. experienced an overnight spiritual awakening while she was pregnant with her son.  After taming the chaos of her wild intuitive and Empath skills, she felt inspired to help people who feel stuck in their lives by providing soul-deep readings and step by step solutions.

Drawing from an eclectic background in Psychology, Software Engineering and Metaphysics, Elise provides a down to earth approach to expressing your spirit in everyday life. Initially born and raised in Canada, Elise fell in love with the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her family and two dogs.



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