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New EFT Coaching Video: Financial Security

Even though most people who come to me are struggling with emotional or spiritual issues, the topic of money always seems to come up.  Especially for Empaths.  Having to deal with their spiritual awakening and emotional overload demands a LOT of time and effort.  Many are simply too exhausted and run out of energy when it’s time to deal with career and money issues…

That can lead to a very painful situation where they feels like a failure (because money is the standard for success in our culture) when in fact they are successful at what they are working on, namely their spiritual growth.

And yet, money is also part of life.  Although it’s often frowned upon in spiritual circles, I find that having “enough” money is important.  In fact, in my experience, worrying about money is not conducive to spiritual growth.  It can consume you completely, distort your intuitive messages and leave you wanting it but hating it.

I know this first hand as I struggled with money for most of my life, way before I became aware of my spiritual journey.   After my spiritual awakening in 2002,  I quit my job so I could “serve” by providing free energy healing sessions and self help programs.  After a year of this, I was exhausted and stressed out.  That’s when a very kind spiritual teacher told me that taking care of my needs was essential and I should work on making enough money to support my family before I worried about taking care of other people.  It seems obvious now but at the time, it was a sort of revelation.

And so I did.  I used many tools over the years.  EFT was one of the most important!  It helped me clean up years of bad mental habits, family history and negative beliefs.  It also gave me solid grounds to sow better feeling thoughts and expectations about money.

Today, I feel that my relationship with money is healed.  Although I might get stressed once in a while, it’s rare, short lived and I bounce back quickly.  Of all the things I can think of that helped me find inner peace, being able to conquer my money nemesis was the most powerful one.   I consider myself “rich” by all the standards that matter to me.

I have been producing EFT coaching videos so that others might also benefit from them.  I keep writing new protocols for my clients who need support between their intuitive counseling sessions.  That way I can be “there” to help 24/7!

This latest EFT coaching video is on the theme of “financial security”, which describes the feeling of “having enough”.  I don’t feel it makes sense for most of us to work on winning the lottery or being a billionaire.  If you’re on a spiritual path, you clearly have other priorities than putting all your energy into being crazy rich.  You’re probably more focused on being happy, having satisfying relationships and a career you love.  So this video is aimed at that very special balance that we reach when we feel financially secure, even if we’re not retiring and moving the the Caribbean yet.

Because money issues tend to be pervasive, I recommend using this video for 14 days, then taking 14 days off.  During the off time, pay special attention to your intuition…It WILL show you the way!


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