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Top 8 Common Hints That You Are An Empath

Are you an Empath?  How can you tell?  Although every empath is different, there are some experiences that are fairly common amongst Empaths.I've worked with thousands of Empaths over the years and this is usually what keeps coming up...Are…
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Are you an Empath? New Video!

What is an Empath?  Is that for real?  I asked myself that very question 11 years ago and this is what helped me the most!  More tips and resources on my web site: http://www.EliseLebeau.com/empaths
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The Empath Blues: 4 ways to relieve Emotional Fatigue

Do you suffer from the Empath blues?Impaired Empaths © have a high risk of experiencing "unexplainable sadness". Constantly feeling the negative emotions of others can trigger a form of emotional exhaustion where nothing feels good anymore.…
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Empaths: Does your house have a "Supportive Energy"?

Empaths and Intuitives tend to be extremely sensitive to everything around them.  Which is why it is SO important for us to surround ourselves with positive energy, especially when it comes to our home."Home" is the place where we rest…
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Rose Quartz: The Ultimate Stone for Empaths!

Each crystal has a unique vibration that is both extremely pure and very powerful for sensitive people like Empaths.  Just by holding crystals  or wearing gemstones as jewelry, we can positively affect our own energy.So what is the best…

Protection for Empaths: The Zip Up Technique by Donna Eden

It's always exciting to find a new tips that can help Empaths be more functional in their daily lives.  The core techniques I use to mamage my own Empath skills are described in the free Empath Survival Program.  But I recently stumbled upon…
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Are you a confused Empath?

Are you a confused Empath? Do you know what your heart truly wants?This can be an extremely difficult question to answer for an Empath.  Empaths are constantly flooded by what other people feel, making it hard to "hear" their own heart. …