OMG! I am so much happier now that I am 39!

Well, actually, I feel pretty much the same as I did a few days ago when I was still 38.  BUT I do like getting older because I noticed a very interesting pattern in my life  since I started following my intuition: the older I get, the happier I am!

Things were not always like that.  In fact, I used to have a very tumultuous life.  When I would get together with my best friend, it would often take me hours to related all the catastrophes that had fallen upon me in the last few weeks…

But becoming intuitive changed all that.  I stopped turning in circles, always making the wrong turns, and finally got my life on the “good track”.

The most consistent result I have seen from learning to master and leverage my intuition has been a steady stream of improvements in my daily life.   I didn’t win the lottery but I sure feel like it!  Following my intuition has given me more satisfaction, fulfillment and enjoyment that I ever dreamed possible.  And honestly, I can’t wait to see where it’s going to take me next!

in love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D., Professional Intuitive

Those pesky things we call “mistakes”

womenmapA nice perk of my intuitive skills is that I am able to sense when someone is on the “right track”.  Meaning that they’re going the right way towards what they want.  I can also tell when they are turning in circles or completely stuck.

Sometimes, I will hear people describe what they considered a “mistake” that happened after trying to follow their intuition.  Usually, what they mean is that things did not AT ALL go the way they had in mind.

And yet, I can’t tell you how often I intuitively feel that everything is fine and this was not a mistake.  Of course, unless I am in a private session with a client, I don’t say that out loud.

So where does that discrepancy comes from?  Well, of course, I could be completely off my rocker and the event was indeed a mistake…Or, more often than not, the story isn’t over yet!  What looked like a mistake at the time was actually a shortcut towards something better.  But that something is not here yet so it’s impossible to evaluate the “outcome” right now.

To me, the full cycle of following one’s intuition includes the small hints we get before we make a decision, how we feel while we’re taking the decisions and the final outcome, which sometimes takes weeks, months or even years to come!  By the time you throw all this into the equation, many of those “mistakes” actually turn out to be great decisions.

Listening to our intuition can be confusing in the short term but it is always right in the end.

in love,

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“Our deepest fear is that we are poweful beyond measure”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is
that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness
that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are
a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is
nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel
insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were
born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just
in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we
unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are
liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates

—-from A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson

in love,
Elise Lebeau, Ph.D., Professional Intuitive

Following your intuition: Are you Driven or Inspired???

I admit it: I was "driven" for most of my life…My school teachers and employers would tell you that I worked hard and that I was determined.  And indeed, I got a lot of things accomplished in rather adverse circumstances.   

But, years later, all these things ended up feeling empty.  What was driving me forward was not inspiration, but desperation.  I was so worried about life in general that I kept making lists of things that I needed to do in order to be happy and then rush to complete them as fast as humanly possible. 

My life was a rat race that I could never win!

I feel eternally grateful that something happened to stop me in my tracks.  Otherwise I could have lived my own life like this: hurried, accomplished and miserable.  While I was pregnant, I underwent a spiritual awakening which turned on my Empath and Intuitive skills all at once. 

Suddenly, I could see that there was a LOT more going on that I thought.  And for a while there, I was completely paralyzed.  My system was broken and no amount of lists could help me.  I  didn't even know what should be on the list! 

The thing with Intuition is that once you start listening to it, it becomes really hard to ignore it.  And that can be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing…For example, I decided to redo my kitchen cabinet doors, oh that must have been 3 years ago.  And I just finished them a few weeks ago! 

If I had been "driven" by desperation, I would have gotten it done as quickly as possible.   But instead my Intuition always directed me to wait for inspiration, so as to get it done as happily as possible.  In fact, when I tried to force it and ignore my intuition, everything
would go wrong and I'd end up dropping the hammer on my toes! 

Yes, it took a long time.  But along the way I had hundreds of amazing insights about that kitchen that I would not have gotten if I had finished it in two weekends.  I got creative ideas on how to do things more efficiently.  I changed the colors I had in mind many times until I found the perfect one which I now adore.  And every brush stroke left me with such a sense of fulfillment.  

This process of inspiration is pervasive in my life now.  And yet, once in a while I get caught in my old habits and try to get something done fast, just because it should be done.  Fortunately, that doesn't go very far until my Intuitive sense kicks in and reminds me that there is nothing valuable about action unless it's filled with meaning.

in love,
Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.
Professional Intuitive

Being a student again

I spent 10 years in college.  I was a straight A student and I hated almost every minute of it.

An yet, I remember at the beginning of each new class, I would sit down at my desk and expectantly look up to the teacher in anticipation of the great things I would soon be learning…only to be brutally disappointed when the class was boring and the exams were nothing more than mnemonic regurgitation.  Can you imagine 10 years of this sort of torture?

Needless to say, after I got my Master Degree in Software Engineer, I swore never to take a class again.  Which goes to show you should never say never as I am currently knee deep in my PhD in Metaphysics.

In what?  I hear you say…Well, at least that’s what I said.  I had never heard of such a discipline before I came across the American Institute for Holistic Theology.  Of course, the degree is not accredited with the DOE.  But it’s the most fun and learning I have ever experienced in my career as a professional student!

Not only that but it’s in my field!  I’m a Professional Intuitive (self taught, obviously, as I had no idea you could learn that in school) and it was profoundly surprising to me to find a degree that offered classes on Dream Interpretation and Chakra Therapy.  Wow!

So here I am, being a student again, after being a teacher for so many years!  Isn’t life funny?  My 5 year old son is duly impressed that mommy is doing her homework while he plays video games.  And we play a round of Mario Kart on the Wii together when I am done…there’s nothing like a little teaching by example for next year when he starts school :)

Although it was quite a shift for me to get back in my studying shoes, it’s also such a refreshing change.  Instead of the hard work involves in creating material for others, I’m just drinking in what others have created.  This PhD program has exposed me to topics that I would not have approached on my own.  And best of all, I know that I am reading from the best authors on this topic as selected by eminently competent faculty advisers.

My head is already swimming with ideas about my thesis…maybe it will be an experiment about Empath skills or a review of literature on the physiological basis of intuition.  Either way, it will be way more exciting than what I was dealing with during my terminally incomplete PhD in Psychology!

Ever since I started my career in this field, I always hoped that intuition would be “taught in school” at some point during my lifetime.  And although this degree is not likely to show up in accredited American colleges anytime soon, it is profoundly comforting that my hope has come true, in its own way.

in love,

Why I’m not making money as a Professional Intuitive…on purpose!

People who first visit my web site on intuition often ask me why I offer so much “free stuff”.
They can’t believe how much information, programs and communities are available.

  • My Abundance Mindset Program is entirely free
  • My Empath Survival Program is entirely free
  • My EFT coaching videos are all free
  • My Group Energy Healing Sessions are all free
  • My Empath, Abundance and Intuitive community web sites are all free

The only reason I charge a fee for my online programs is because it costs me money to host them and spend time writing the code for my web site.  In fact, I have spent over 1200 hours over the last 3 years of my own time on the Manifestation Program alone.  There is a HUGE amount of programming behind all those nifty features and I do it all myself.

I also charge a fee for personal intuitive counseling session but I am only charging for my time, the healing that takes place during these sessions is free since it comes through me, not from me.

No matter how you add these numbers, it’s pretty obvious that I am not making money from this work.  In fact, I tend to break even between my operating costs (about $300) and my income from my online programs and the few counseling sessions I can fit in my schedule.

No wonder some people ask me “What’s the catch???”

And yet, there is no catch.  I offer thousands of hours of work for free because this is the most fulfilling activity for me.  There is nothing I enjoy most than getting an email from someone saying: “Wow, this is really working for me!”

But everyone’s gotta pay the mortage…Not only that but I LOVE MONEY!  So how does this work out?  Quite simply, I have more than one job!

I work on short term contracts as a software engineer.  Which means I set my own hours, allowing for time for my Intuitive Counseling appointments.  It also means I make more than $100 000/year.

What are the advantages of this setup?

  • I have only a few Intuitive Session a week, which is the most comfortable pace for me.
  • I feel challenged by both left and right brain activities
  • I am considered an expert in both field
  • I receive money for my technical work from corporations who can afford it
  • I can offer free information to people who can’t afford my services

In one word, Free-dom.

It took me many years to realize that this was the best setup for me.  At first, I felt like I should only have one job and make money one way.  That didn’t work out…I didn like the idea of telling people I couldn’t help them because they couldn’t afford my rates.  So now I don’t have to.  I just send them to my free programs (especially the Abundance Mindset one ;).

Don’t get me wrong:  I always get paid for my time.  I am not a martyr and I do believe in having a balance between what is offered and what is received.  But anything that I can put on my web site (which doesn’t require my time beyond the initial setup), I am offering for free or for less than the cost of a book.

In love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.
Professional Intuitive

Business Intuition: Redefining Success

Let me ask you this:
- If your company is making money but your customer are dissatisfied, are you being successful?
- If your CEO is working 80 hours a week and is on the brink of a heart attack, are you being successful?
- If you experience high turn over, absenteeism or alcohol in the workplace, are you being successful?

We live in a fabulously rich country and yet most people are unhappy with their jobs, work more hours a week and have less vacation days than any other industrial country like Japan, Canada or Britain and they don’t feel they can achieve life/work balance. 

How long can we keep this up?  Burning out brilliant minds, breaking up marriages and financing costly medical plans to cover stress induced illnesses.  This is not a sustainable strategy for business success.  And yet, we keep trying to define corporate success in terms a “net profit no matter what” approach.

But at some point, we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Profit margins are shrinking, jobs are lost to outsourcing or downsizing and we’re replacing quality with quantity when it comes to hours worked.  As if pedaling faster in the wrong direction could somehow lead us to a successful destination.

So what now?  Slowly but surely, some businesses have realized that rested executives make better decisions, happy employees are more productive and eager to satisfy customers and happy customers are loyal and bring more business.  Even if this means more time off, flexible schedules, job sharing, training and other expenses that target a simple concept: happiness.

Sustainable business success is not just about the financial bottom line.  It’s about creating inviting, inspiring and supportive work environments so that every employee can thrive, both personally and professionally, while creating new venues for business profits.  A business works much better when it works for everyone involved.

But how do you find those great ideas that can turn your boat around and fuel sustainable business success?  That’s where business intuition comes in.  There is no technique that will work for every business.  But there is always something that will work for your company.  You just have to find it.  And it must take into account the state of your industry, your company culture, your financial resources and so many other factors. 

How can you possibly compile all these critical factors without using your intuition or what most CEOs call their gut feelings?  When you’re tapping into your intuition, you are freed from rational left brain limitations which constantly argue that everything is too expensive or impossible.  Instead, you are exploring the creative right brain which handles complexity through abstract thinking and creativity. 

That’s where you’ll find your strategy for sustainable business success.

In love,
Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.


The Business Intuition Niche – We’re Making Progress!

I've noticed more and more searches on Google are
using the keywords "business intuition". It's still very sporadic but
still, there's a trend. So what will it take to bring this concept in
mainstream business conversations?

Well, probably a few more
years. And a more systematic approach to intuition overall. This field
has been plagued with dial-a-psychic connotations and the
fuzzy-gut-feeling concepts, making it difficult to get a credible
approach to strategic intuition.

Yet, every successful CEO is
using intuition, whether she calls it that or something else. Business
is a fluctuating world where you have to make decisions with limited
factual information. That exactly the Business Intuition niche.

Intuition is a unique opportunity to turn sporadic "gut feelings" into
a systematic right-brain approach to decision making. It's not about
predicting the future or reading people's minds. Business intuition
allows you to leverage all the little pieces of information that are
scattered all over your conscious and subconscious mind. By bringing it
all together in a coherent "whole", you are more likely to create
lasting results than by just guessing or hoping it turns out well…

when you consider that both Oprah and Trump attribute their success to
following their intuition, it makes that approach pretty darn

So there's still a long ways to go but we are making
progress! I was very surprised and so excited to get a call from Intel
(an Engineering firm, no less!) asking me to speak at their employee
conference about Business Intuition. They were specifically looking for
an approach to Intuition that kept it relevant to the business
world…A perfect match for my work in this domain.

So even
though the trend is just beginning, it's definitely gathering momentum.
And in business, there's nothing more exciting than momentum!

Meditations Techniques You’ve Never Heard of

Meditation is a very personal thing. When my Empath and Intuitive skills went “live”, I was overwhelmed with information and soooooooooooooo many people recommended meditation.

But I hated meditation…No kidding! Just sitting there, trying not to think of pink elephants. It was like a refined form of torture and, worst of all, oh so boring…

The answer came from one of my Spirit Guides one day. He suggested I try a mediation that involved watching movies. Huh? Does that count, I wondered… Since then, my guides have come up with all kinds of unusual meditation techniques that work for me, and now I love it.

Since I am an engineer, things make sense to me when they have a purpose. In my life, meditation is an processing activity, like a computer that needs some time to open up Word or to connect to the Internet. Computers also needs processing time when turning off, to cleanly organize all the new data that has been created.

When I meditate, I keep my left brain out of the way so that my right brain can process all the information I’ve been receiving (the right brain handles creative, intuitive and abstract data). When I’m done, my mind-computer is responsive again and I’m not just staring at the little hourglass, waiting for the processing to complete before I get my answer!

These are my two favorite meditations techniques. Try them out and feel free to tweak them! Remember that meditation is supposed to feel good.

The Movie Meditation:

1) Select a movie and set your intention to “meditate” while you are watching it.

2) As soon as you start watching, your brain will do what needs to be done to start processing. Even if you don’t know what that involves, your brain does! Just like your brain knows how to keep your body functioning while you think of something else.

Movies are great because they keep your left brain busy, leaving the right brain free to go in processing mode. This is a lot easier than trying to turn down your left brain!

3) After the movie, take a moment to “reboot” your mind-computer.  Do you get a message?  What thoughts pop into your mind? This is a great time for profoundly creative ideas to come up so make sure you’re listening! And take notes, if you feel so inclined! They’ll be priceless!

The Cat Meditation

You know how some people take “cat naps”? A few minutes here and there and they’re all refreshed! I’ve noticed that processing doesn’t have to be done all at once in a gruesome 1 hour session. Your brain always knows where it left off processing and it can continue at any time!

The Cat Meditation is a series of very short meditations (and by short I mean that 5 seconds is enough!) that you can easily do without needing to stop the flow of your day. Over time, I have found that I was yearning for longer processing time without ever having to force it.

1) In the Cat Meditation, you’re actually turning down your left brain for a brief period. This is different than the Movie Meditation, where you keep your left brain busy in order to facilitate processing. To do this, just imagine a blank screen in your mind. Like you’re watching a movie screen but the movie hasn’t started yet.

2) Keep it short! For most of us, it won’t be long before you start seeing thing (or hearing things) on your blank screen. By then, your left brain has started being active again so you’re done!

tip: If you can’t keep the screen blank (it’s ok, I had a hard time with that at first), try counting to 10. Your left brain might be more willing to stay quiet if you give it a little something to do at first.

3) Here are some great ways to practice this:<br>
– Do a Cat Meditation while reading a book each time you turn a page<br>
– Do a Cat Meditation while watching TV on the first commercial (mute the TV first!)<br>
– Do a Cat Meditation when you get in the car every morning<br>
– Do a Cat Meditation when you start to brush your teeth!<br>


Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.
Professional Intuitive