Business Intuition: The Airport Conversation That Blew My Cover

airport business intuition

Finally! I found the airport power outlet that I desperately needed. But the other seat was occupied by a VP at my company. Intimidated, I sat down anyway. I will never forget the conversation that followed because we talked about my deep, dark secret: intuition.

My Double Life as a Professional Intuitive

Yes it’s true, I lived a double life for over 20 years: software engineer by day and professional intuitive by night. I don’t know why but my divergent brain likes to explore migraine-inducing contradictions. Case in point, my first college degree was in Fine Arts with a minor in mathematics. Go figure!

But this specific combo was more problematic. Back in 2000, being a professional intuitive was not a “thing”. I never, ever mentioned it in polite company. And certainly not at the office kitchen during my lunch break.

Fortunately, it was not an issue back then because prospective employers were too busy to look you up online. So I landed spectacular jobs at Fortune 500 companies for most of my engineering career.

My Intuition Exposed

But eventually, I started to live in fear that someone would find out about my proclivity for the weird and unscientific concept of intuition. My secret life was finally catching up to me.

Which is when I sat down with that VP at the airport. 

I don’t remember who mentioned it first but we started to talk about intuition, specifically during decision-making in the absence of hard facts. And then, he casually hinted that he knew. He knew I was moonlighting as a professional intuitive. I was shocked. 

But wait, there’s more. It turns out that he knew before he hired me. And he hired me anyway. Ok, that one blew my mind.

Let’s Take That Flight

It took me a long time to process that conversation. I think I landed a different person after the flight home. But eventually, I started to offer business intuition coaching to top level executives who often have to make decisions in the dark.

That’s where business intuition is most powerful, and most valuable.
And that’s exactly where I can help.

And what about that VP at the airport? Turns out he was already tapping into his own intuition! So we talked about our respective insights, like we were exchanging insider tips on the stock market.  Except that these tips were legal. And to this day, he’s still making wildly successful decisions.

Are¬†you timid but hopeful about exploring your own business intuition? Let’s talk!