Why I’m not making money as a Professional Intuitive…on purpose!

People who first visit my web site on intuition often ask me why I offer so much “free stuff”.
They can’t believe how much information, programs and communities are available.

  • My Abundance Mindset Program is entirely free
  • My Empath Survival Program is entirely free
  • My EFT coaching videos are all free
  • My Group Energy Healing Sessions are all free
  • My Empath, Abundance and Intuitive community web sites are all free

The only reason I charge a fee for my online programs is because it costs me money to host them and spend time writing the code for my web site.  In fact, I have spent over 1200 hours over the last 3 years of my own time on the Manifestation Program alone.  There is a HUGE amount of programming behind all those nifty features and I do it all myself.

I also charge a fee for personal intuitive counseling session but I am only charging for my time, the healing that takes place during these sessions is free since it comes through me, not from me.

No matter how you add these numbers, it’s pretty obvious that I am not making money from this work.  In fact, I tend to break even between my operating costs (about $300) and my income from my online programs and the few counseling sessions I can fit in my schedule.

No wonder some people ask me “What’s the catch???”

And yet, there is no catch.  I offer thousands of hours of work for free because this is the most fulfilling activity for me.  There is nothing I enjoy most than getting an email from someone saying: “Wow, this is really working for me!”

But everyone’s gotta pay the mortage…Not only that but I LOVE MONEY!  So how does this work out?  Quite simply, I have more than one job!

I work on short term contracts as a software engineer.  Which means I set my own hours, allowing for time for my Intuitive Counseling appointments.  It also means I make more than $100 000/year.

What are the advantages of this setup?

  • I have only a few Intuitive Session a week, which is the most comfortable pace for me.
  • I feel challenged by both left and right brain activities
  • I am considered an expert in both field
  • I receive money for my technical work from corporations who can afford it
  • I can offer free information to people who can’t afford my services

In one word, Free-dom.

It took me many years to realize that this was the best setup for me.  At first, I felt like I should only have one job and make money one way.  That didn’t work out…I didn like the idea of telling people I couldn’t help them because they couldn’t afford my rates.  So now I don’t have to.  I just send them to my free programs (especially the Abundance Mindset one ;).

Don’t get me wrong:  I always get paid for my time.  I am not a martyr and I do believe in having a balance between what is offered and what is received.  But anything that I can put on my web site (which doesn’t require my time beyond the initial setup), I am offering for free or for less than the cost of a book.

In love,

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D.
Professional Intuitive

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  1. marc simonson says:

    I’m most impressed by your personal outlook I have always felt information should be free to those willing to seek it out hte path to understanding is one we all have to walk however I’ve learned that you should only give info to those who ask as it can often cause fear responces in those not ready to accept it

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