womenmapA nice perk of my intuitive skills is that I am able to sense when someone is on the “right track”.  Meaning that they’re going the right way towards what they want.  I can also tell when they are turning in circles or completely stuck.

Sometimes, I will hear people describe what they considered a “mistake” that happened after trying to follow their intuition.  Usually, what they mean is that things did not AT ALL go the way they had in mind.

And yet, I can’t tell you how often I intuitively feel that everything is fine and this was not a mistake.  Of course, unless I am in a private session with a client, I don’t say that out loud.

So where does that discrepancy comes from?  Well, of course, I could be completely off my rocker and the event was indeed a mistake…Or, more often than not, the story isn’t over yet!  What looked like a mistake at the time was actually a shortcut towards something better.  But that something is not here yet so it’s impossible to evaluate the “outcome” right now.

To me, the full cycle of following one’s intuition includes the small hints we get before we make a decision, how we feel while we’re taking the decisions and the final outcome, which sometimes takes weeks, months or even years to come!  By the time you throw all this into the equation, many of those “mistakes” actually turn out to be great decisions.

Listening to our intuition can be confusing in the short term but it is always right in the end.

in love,

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