Beware of Mind Reading Scams During an Intuitive Reading

“Wow, it’s like you just read my mind!” I hear this comment a lot, especially after a cold intuitive reading. But, although it might feel that way, I don’t read minds. That would be a huge invasion of privacy. And in my experience, it’s not possible. What a relief for both of us!

However, a lot of psychics/intuitives will gladly nurture the impression that they can read your mind.
So why does it feel like someone can do this?

The truly horrifying mind reading scam

Mind Reading Scam

Let’s start with some background: I spent 5 years in college studying psychology. From this experience, I learned that there is a myriad of ways through which we unknowingly provide information about our state of mind.

For example, our non-verbal demeanor can reveal how we feel. Just by looking at your face, a scammer can tell if you’re hopeful (and you want confirmation) or doubtful (and you want to be saved from a bad choice).

Consequently, these clues can help a scammer guide the reading towards what you most want to hear. As they find the path of least resistance, it can feel like what they are saying is exactly what you’re thinking.

Our non-verbal demeanor unknowingly reveals information about our state of mind

What about an online reading where you can’t see or hear the reader? In this case, you most likely started by asking a question. The wording used in your question might reveal enough information to get a scammer started. “Do I have a soul mate?” or “Is John the love of my life?” Even without a shred of intuitive skill, someone can tell that you want to hear about true love.

Being attuned to this, a scammer might state generalities about true love that can apply to anyone, like “yes, he is looking for you right now”. Or they can make predictions about the future that cannot be verified, like “you will meet him next January, be patient”. Either one of these techniques can make you feel like they said what you were secretly thinking, or rather, hoping. Hence the feeling of mind reading.

Hold on, I’ll be right back, I have to go take a shower to wash that slime off my mind…

The Innocent but Misguided Mind Reading Scam

Mirror Mind Reading

Let’s leave the malicious scammer behind and move on to well-meaning intuitive reader.

What if someone has actual intuitive skills? And they honestly want to help you?

However, during the reading, they start to get a sense of what you want to hear. That information will comes across very clearly to someone with basic intuitive skills. At this point, it can be very tempting to just mirror back what they picked up from you.

I have seen instances where the reader was not aware that they were doing this, which is why I call this innocent. And maybe scam is not the right word. But in the end, you did not receive an intuitive insight. You just got regurgitated information.

A well meaning intuitive might mirror back what you want to hear

When an Intuitive Reading is not a Scam

If not reading minds, what are we reading?


This leads us to a very important question: What are we reading during an intuitive session. If it’s not mind reading, what is it? Since I’m a software engineer, I can only explain this with a computer analogy. Keep in mind that this is a portrait of my personal experience, but your mileage may vary.

Let’s say that you are a laptop:

  • You have a screen to look at applications
  • You have a hard drive to store information

Bear with me as this is about to get even weirder.

When I am doing an intuitive reading, I am using the laptop’s wifi to read your hard drive. This is how I figure out what the problem is.

When I am looking for intuitive insight, I google the problem we just identified to find solutions that specifically fit your laptop model. This is how I receive intuitive insight.

Yep, 100% weird. But that’s how this process feels to me.

And here is how this is relevant to the mind reading question (I promise I did not forget the title of this post): I cannot read minds because I do not have access to your laptop screen. That is your consciousness. You are the only one who has access to the screen. When you have a thought (let’s say that surfing the internet is an example of “thought”), only you can see that.

As an Intuitive, I do not have access to your consciousness

However, and that’s a big one, anything that leaves a trace on the hard drive can be read. As you can imagine, there is a lot of information on your hard drive. Every cell in your body is a mini biological hard drive. Which means that everything that has happened to you has been recorded in some form.

So this is how your laptop is accessible to an intuitive:

  • Your screen = your consciousness NOT READABLE
  • You hard drive = information in your body(physical) or energy(magnetic) READABLE
Intuitive Reading Information

During an intuitive reading, I am accessing your hard drive to find information relevant to the question being asked. Note that having a clear question is important here (unless this is a cold reading), because it allows me to quickly filter out irrelevant stuff. Otherwise I might be looking for useful details in the wrong folder or in the recycling bin.

This is probably the most challenging part of an Intuitive Reading (right after Distortion – The Nemesis of Intuition): I have to be selective in order to find something useful because there is so much information stored on your hard drive. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds.

But this is the ultimate goal of an intuitive reading: providing relevant and useful intuitive insight.

How Can You Tell If An Intuitive Reading Is A Scam?

Healing - Intuitive Reading

To be honest, I’m sure a nicely trained scammer could fool me. I can’t always tell when people are lying -again because I don’t have access to their consciousness. However, a scammer would not get them very far with me because my intuitive skills are strong enough that it would feel wrong, even with the illusion of mind reading.

And this is the most important criterion in our ability to evaluate the quality of an intuitive reading: if it’s right, it feels right.

Notice that I didn’t say if it feels “good”. There’s a big difference there. A reading that feel right might make you cry. It might make you angry. It might shatter beliefs you’ve had all your life. That doesn’t necessarily feel good.

But after the reading, you will begin to heal. You will begin to forgive. You will change the direction of your life. And that feels right.

How to evaluate the quality of an intuitive reading: if it’s right, it feels right.

So my job as a real honest-to-goodness professional intuitive is to smite down distortion, dive through a tsunami of information without drowning in it and resist the urge to tell you what I know you want to hear (that one is tough). And I do all this to provide you with a useful intuitive reading.

The True Story of Not-A-Scam Intuitive Reading

The Left Brain Intuitive | Professional Intuitive

I will leave you with this anecdote that truly represents why I do what I do, which has nothing to do with mind reading.

A few years ago, I received a question about work, from a client who was struggling with his career. He was lined up for a promotion but he was wondering if he should look for a job at a different company altogether. I knew he wanted to hear that a different job was the solution. That it would solve his “discomfort”. But that was not right.

Among other things, my intuitive reading revealed that the career he had chosen didn’t feel like a good fit. In fact, it didn’t feel like he had chosen it at all. As if he was wearing a suit tailored to someone else. And that suit felt very old, with the original fabric going all the way back to his childhood. He had outgrown this outfit a long time ago but had never changed it for something that fit him better as an adult. And I suggested that changing career might put him on a much happier path. Specifically, looking for a career that suited him, and no one else (sorry for the pun).

He was not happy with this reading. He was angry and told me that what I said did not specifically apply to him. It was vague. Since I always refund an unsatisfactory session, I just returned his payment. It’s extremely rare and has happened less than 10 times in almost 20 years of intuitive readings. But it always makes me sad when I cannot help.

Several years later, I got an email from him. Shortly after that intuitive reading, he unexpectedly changed his job and experienced a powerful epiphany about his life. He wanted to thank me for the insights I had provided!

Even though they had not felt good at the time, my words stayed with him and perfectly matched the unfolding of his journey. He specifically quoted things I had said to him that became very meaningful during this period of his life. It made me cry, happy tears of joy.

Professional Intuitive | The Left Brain Intuitive

Elise Lebeau, M.Sc. | The Left Brain Intuitive
PS: You are loved. Always.

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