How to Spot Intuitive Distortion?

The Dark Side of Intuition – Part I

The purpose of intuition is to bring clarity. Which is why intuitive distortion is the nemesis of intuition.  It’s the top reason why people give up on their intuitive insights! It can make your intuitive process feel like thick fog, leaving you wondering if you’re even going in the right direction.

Distortion plays a huge role in what I call the “Dark Side” of intuition, where little mind gremlins like to hide out of sight, waiting to wreck havoc on an intuitive reading, or damage our ability to trust our own intuition.  They lurk in the shadows, undetected, until we reach for an important intuitive insight and BAM! they steer us right into the ditch when we most needed guidance on the best direction.

So let’s hunt down those gremlins and learn how to spot Distortion.

intuitive distortion

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What is Intuitive Distortion?

Maybe we can start with an example. Many years ago, before diving into my own intuition, I discovered that one of my friends was giving intuitive readings. I was intrigued! So I decided to give it a try.

I asked her 3 questions.  One of them was about my career, specifically if I should give up my work as a software engineer to pursue my interest in Art. Her answer was that my career as an engineer was over, and that it was best to move on to something else.  She also said that my heart was not in it anymore, and I was unlikely to be successful.

Although her answer to the other two questions resonated with me, that one did not. It felt like a dissonant note that was out of tune.

As it turned out, I decided to stay in engineering.  I got a new job a few weeks later, and I was offered a big salary bump.  My career in this field continued for 15 years.  By the time I retired, I had worked at Nike, Intel and Ebay, making a six figure income. I’d say that was pretty successful!

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But as I found out a few weeks after this reading, my friend was desperate to quit her job so that she could give intuitive readings full time. During our conversation about her situation, she used the very same words from my reading: “I think this job is over. My heart is not in it.  I don’t think I can be successful anymore.”

That’s when I realized that the reading she had given me was about her, not me. This was my very first encounter with distortion.

How to Spot Intuitive Distortion

In my experience, it’s the mind that distorts. It deforms the intuitive insight until it’s unrecognizable.  But if we’re vigilant, we can spot distortion because it is always betrayed by a feeling of emotional wrongness: it doesn’t feel right. 

Over the years, I have taught many people how to spot distortion.  And once you’re aware of the danger, you’ll develop your own way of identifying it.

I remember one student who described it as “I feel like my intuition is talking Greek to me!”.

Common Triggers for Distortion

We are more likely to distorts when the question being asked triggers something within us.  Usually something unresolved, like my friend and her desire to quit her job.

We also tend to distort more readily when giving ourselves a reading. Because the mind already has opinions, judgements and rationalizations as to why you should do this or that.  So those gremlins have been fed after midnight and will shred your intuitive insights to pieces.

Finally, distortion goes on hyperdrive when we’re emotionally involved or compromised.  Giving a reading to a beloved friend while they are sobbing in front of you is guaranteed murkiness.  Same is true for giving a reading when you feel obligated, but you don’t really want to.

So wether you’re learning to give yourself an intuitive reading or you’re receiving a reading from a professional, pay attention to how you feel.  When it’s right, it feels right.