How to Make an Intuitive Decision?

Making an intuitive decision can be scary, especially if it feels like you’re crossing the street with your eyes closed. The process of receiving intuitive insight can seem “mysterious” and accidentally trigger fear and anxiety.

But adding a sprinkle of intuition to an important decision can turn up exciting new possibilities, oftentimes along the path less traveled.  So how can you venture in new directions without feeling like you’re stepping off a cliff?

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Hello! This is Your Intuition

Intuition is often confused with being “psychic”.  Over the last two decades of my career as a professional intuitive, I have often been asked if I can predict the future. Nope, I can’t.  That’s not related to intuition.

Or at least, that’s not how my logical mind interacts with intuition.

Instead, I’ve found that most people initially access their intuition through their emotions.  Which makes a lot of sense, since our minds are amazingly cluttered.

We have a bazillion thoughts a day, most of them unrelated – if not flat out detrimental – to our well being: “I shouldn’t have done that.  I need to remember to buy a new soap dispenser for the bathroom. I’m so stupid. When is Mother’s Day this year?”.

If intuition tried to send a thought in this tornado, it would just get lost.

In its infinite wisdom, the universe has a much better way to send you a message: let’s make you feel terrible!  Now that will grab your attention.

Tuning Into an Intuitive Decision

But how can you use your emotions to make an intuitive decision?

I call this the “What Feels Better Game”.  The premise is simple: when you ask a question, your intuition will guide you towards the best answer.

In this game, there’s 3 rounds:

  1. Describe Your Situation
  2. List the Possibilities
  3. What Feels Better?

Let’s look at an example and pick a situation where a decision is needed.

Step 1: Describe Your Situation

I’m unhappy at work.  What can I do?

Step 2:  List The Possibilities

Now, let’s generate all kinds of possibilities.  Do not judge them!  Even if it feels unrealistic or unappealing, just list what pops in your mind.  What could someone do in this situation?

  1. Quit my job
  2. Remain at employer but find another position
  3. Remain in this career but find another employer
  4. Go back to school for a new career

These are all very good options but what if there is something else?  Something you can’t see right now?

So let’s add one more possibility to every list you make:

5. There’s a better option

Excellent!  Now we’re really to play!

Step 3: What Feels Better?

By its very nature, intuitive insight relies on information that is not necessarily rational, obvious or even accessible to your conscious mind.

After all, you already know the opinion of your logical mind (I bet it’s saying to suck it up and stay at your job!).

But if you’re unhappy, you know this is not the right answer.  So let’s call in your intuition for a fresh perspective.

In this last step, we’re going to compare the possibilities two at a time and ask the simple question: “What feels better”?

What feels better?  1) Quit my job vs 2) Remain at employer but find another position

Let’s say #2 feels better.  Remember, the question is about how it feels.  It’s all about the emotions you get when you look at the possibilities. Because possibility #2 feels better, we’ve eliminated #1.

What feels better? 2) Remain at employer but find another position vs 3) Remain in this career but find another employer

In this round, let’s say #2 still feels better.

What feels better? 2) Remain at employer but find another position vs 4) Go back to school for a new career

In this case, it’s a close call but #2 feels better.  So #4 is eliminated.

In this last round, we’ll pull out the big intuitive guns.

What feels better? 2) Remain at employer but find another position vs 5) There’s a better option

This is where you take the jump!  Don’t think.  Don’t judge. Which feels better?  If #5 wins, then your intuition is giving you a huge hint that the better solution has not come up yet.

Making Your Best Intuitive Decision

intuitive decision Here’s the secret to making good intuitive decisions: it’s not a competition between logic and intuition.

They’re both on the same team!  Everyone wants you to be happy.

And although your mind has provided you with lots of thoughts as to what you should do, your intuition is augmenting that with what you could do. Possibilities.

The “What Feels Betters Game” allows you to dip your toes in intuition, without having to commit to an outcome just yet.

If your intuition has hinted that there is a better solution, just wait a few weeks and play again.  Did you come up with new possibilities? Have your feelings changed?

In the end, what is best is what feels best.

You’ll know when the right decision is in front of you because it will always win the game.

In love,

Elise Lebeau, M.Sc | The Left Brain Intuitive | Professional Intuitive

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