How to Trust a Scary Intuitive Insight

When I’m doing an Intuitive Reading, I can always tell when I’m approaching a client’s scary intuitive insight.  Their energy starts to churn, like an angry tornado cloud gathering on the horizon.  There’s also a defensive withdrawal reflex, as if disappearing into a dark corner of their mind can protect them from hearing a terrible verdict.

Why are we Afraid of Intuitive Insight?

Ultimately, they’re afraid of this intuitive insight because of all the terrifying outcomes they’ve imagined over the years. Do I need to quit my job to pursue my life purpose? Do I have to sacrifice myself to the needs of others? Maybe I can never be happy…

But this is never the answer.

Instead, the scary intuitive insight always bring a huge wave of relief.  Not only because they finally understand what the problem really is, but also because they can stop being afraid of letting a monster out of the closet. No more fear.

There’s always a better way, a solution that feels better.

No, you don’t have to quit your job and be terrified to run out of money: you can fulfill your life purpose while also providing for your family. Yes, you can be happy: here’s how to start heading in that direction today.

How to spot an Accurate Intuitive Insight?

In fact, when I am evaluating the accuracy of an intuitive insight, I don’t try to figure out if I’m “right”.

Instead, I tune-in to see if my answer is harmonious with your energy.  Because a good intuitive insight always resonate with you. It feels familiar. It comforts you. It might make you cry, but only because you’ve been waiting to liberate this part of you for so long. That’s the real truth of it.

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So wether you’re giving yourself an intuitive reading or getting one from a professional intuitive, remember that it’s ok to be afraid.  It happens to all of us.  But in the end, a true intuitive insight will set you free and reveal a satisfying, better feeling solution.

So take a deep breath and ask!

In love,
Elise Lebeau, M.Sc | The Left Brain Intuitive | Professional Intuitive

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