Can You Heal From An Intuitive Injury?

Has your intuition ever lead you astray? You got an intuitive insight, you jumped in with both feet to follow it…and you ended up in a bad place. That kind of experience is likely to cause an Intuitive Injury: a fundamental fracture in your ability to trust your intuition.

If that sounds familiar, you’re likely reluctant to use your intuition. It might have been a temporary set back. But for some people, this has more dire consequences. As a result, they completely shut down their intuition. It’s a defensive reflex. You might not even have noticed that you couldn’t “hear” your intuition anymore. It just went on radio silence.

But can you heal from this kind of traumatizing event?

An Intuitive Injury is a fundamental fracture in your ability to trust your intuition

My Story of Compounded Intuitive Injuries

My intuitive skills developed fairly late. I was 29, pregnant with my son, when I woke up one day with deeply perturbing “knowledge”. Things I should not know. Personal things I could not possibly know. Details about other people’s lives, even strangers! Yep, that triggered a major fear of being weird.

Maybe if my intuitive insights had been only about myself, it would have be easier to accept. But I had no control over the flow of information flooding my brain. A thought would surface (“He’s worried about his wife cheating on him”) while I’m in the middle of a sentence with a co-worker. And so I got the crash course on NOT saying whatever popped into my head. I put a tight lid on it and finished my sentence.

Consequently, my very first experiences with intuition was like a car pile up on the highway. One wreck ramming into the next. I learned to avoid my intuitive insights, make fun of them, discredit them, doubt them and ultimately, ignore them. And adding insult to injury, whenever an intuitive insight hit me, I would develop a massive migraine. What a great way to avoid thinking about the problem!

I learned to avoid my intuitive insights

Keep in mind that I’m a software engineer with 8 years of college education. It was very clear to me that this is not possible. As far as we know…
But here I am, 20 years later, with a healthy relationship with my intuition.

So, what happened?

When Life Sends You Intuitive Insights, Make Lemonade

My intuition is stubborn. More stubborn than I am. It’s only through a barrage of unending “evidence” that I reluctantly started to pay attention again. That’s how I tentatively began to heal my stack of intuitive injuries and learn to trust my intuitive insights.

During this process, I realized that my early intuitive thoughts were rarely useful in their raw form. They were more like lemons. I had to extract their juices, mix in water and balance with sugar to get delicious lemonade.

Incidentally, I think that’s why Intuitive Injuries are so frequent. We’re just biting into a lemon, expecting a refreshing beverage.

Early Intuitive thoughts are rarely useful in their raw form

However, an intuitive insight is only as good as you make it. It might not be fit for consumption when it first emerges. And that’s ok! It’s part of our discovery process: we learn what works and what doesn’t. In fact, even if you’ve suffered a long streak of intuitive injuries, you can learn how to give yourself a trusty intuitive reading. It’s never too late and you never did it “wrong”. But accidents happen…

What turned the corner for me was the willingness to “listen”. Not act on it. Not judge it. Just listen.
And I am SO glad I did!

Physical Therapy for Your Mind: Building Trust with EFT

I did find a shortcut along the way and I’d like to share it with you.

Using EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Technique) I re-wired my brain to trust, after deciding to listen to my intuition. I call it physical therapy for the mind, because it helps overcome the rejection reflex triggered by an intuitive injury. Instead of drowning in fear every time your intuition pops up, you can confidently pave the way to a more trusting relationship.

I even made a coaching video, in case you’re not familiar with EFT. Just follow along, saying the sentence with me while tapping on the trigger points.

Elise Lebeau, M.Sc | The Left Brain Intuitive tm
PS: You are Loved. Always.

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