The Confession of a Professional Intuitive

There’s a lot of weird things that happens in the life of a Professional Intuitive.  Maybe it’s the same for other people but I doubt it.  My life seems to have taken a turn through WeirdTown since I started giving readings 15 years ago.

So here is my embarrassing confession: I can’t remember what I say during a reading.

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Although I’ve always been absent minded, I’m usually able to keep track of what’s going on.  I’m a software engineer after all, and I have to keep a large amount of information readily available when I’m programming.

This is different though.  And significantly weirder.  It took me a while to notice that I cannot remember what I say to clients during my intuitive readings.

How did I manage to go on for years without realizing this? That’s weird too. Maybe because no one ever asks me about the reading once it’s done.  So I technically never have to remember it. There was no quiz at the end of second period.

However, I found myself in an embarrassing situation: I was talking with a client who has been coming to me for many years, whenever she needs a sprinkle of clarity.  And she says: “You remember last time, you told me …”.  And that’s when I realized I had no recollection of that reading.

Ok, maybe a brain fart.  Maybe that day was not memorable.

The weird part is that I could easily recall the brief conversation we had before I started the reading.  I have a phrase that I use to trigger the beginning of a reading.  I could remember everything up to that phrase.  Then blank.

My memories then fast forwarded to the end of the reading, right after the phrase I use to close the session.

Once I noticed, it became blatantly obvious that this was happening a lot. In time, I realized that I am an unconscious intuitive.

I don’t like it.  I don’t talk about it.  I think it’s weird.  But there it is, staring me in the face at the beginning of every reading: I know I will not remember what I say.

I guess it was a saving grace that I record my intuitive insights during an email session.  But when I tried to listen to it, I felt all kinds of wrong.  As if I was eavesdropping on someone else’s private conversation. Ewwwww.  So now I don’t even listening to the recording anymore.

But it turns out being weird has an upside: it completely avoid distortion.

Distortion is the Nemesis of Intuition as it can muddy the water until the message is completely deformed and devoid of useful information. Distortion happens when an intuitive’s own thoughts, feelings or opinions pollute the clarity of the insights that they are receiving. You can ruin a reading with distortion, whether the reading was for yourself or a client.  It’s bad news either way.

One of the benefits of being an unconscious intuitive is that it eliminates distortion from my readings.  All my stuff is safely locked away while I go search for my client’s intuitive answer. And when I talk about my own life experiences during readings, they’re just factual data points.  They don’t bleed my consciousness into the intuitive insights.

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In love,
Elise Lebeau, M.Sc | The Left Brain Intuitive | Professional Intuitive

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