Becoming Intuitive: The Fear of Being Weird

fear being weird

Receiving intuitive insight is something we all experience at some point. Intuition is built-in system of inner guidance that feeds you information, wether you’re paying attention or not. 

Although for most of us, it’s an unconscious process: we don’t realize we just received an intuitive hint. We call it a gut-feeling, an instinct or even good ‘ol luck!

But choosing to consciously explore our intuition can trigger a deep-seated fear: Will it be weird?

The Intuitive Engineer

This fear of being weird surged front and center for me after my unusual pregnancy spiritual awakening.

Working in the engineering department probably didn’t help either. I was surrounded by people who found the idea of using intuition to solve problems completely laughable.

I was so afraid of becoming a weirdo-gypsy-psychic (complete with shawl and crystal ball) that I spent years suppressing the tugs of my intuition.

But in the end, I decided to jump beyond rationality because I realized that our rational mind doesn’t tell the whole story. There is no flow chart or Power Point presentation that can help us figure out why something doesn’t feel “quite right”.

We need a different formula to solve that equation.

Choosing Intuition

That’s when intuition comes knocking at the door. And we can chose to step off the solid ground of logic and take our first step on the wobbly pudding that is intuition… 

Taking this exit doesn’t mean that we stop using our rational mind.  If the traffic light turns red, we stop the car.
That’s not a decision that requires intuitive insight.

But when we add an intuitive perspective, we reveal more relevant information.
So we can make a better decisions.    

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Choosing intuition changed the course of my life. It was so effective that the results spoke for themselves. In fact, people started commenting on how I was “unusually lucky”. But most importantly, this intuitive journey introduced a deep, meaningful happiness to my life that had eluded me for 30 years.

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