Hi, I’m Elise Lebeau – The Left Brain Intuitive ™

professional intuitive empathMy mind goes 100 miles per hour and I’m curious about everything.

For most of my life, I have been torn between my rational side and my intuitive side.

Here’s what I mean: my first college degree was in Fine Arts with a minor in Mathematics. Then I obtained my Bachelor’s in Psychology and a few years later, my Master’s in Software Engineering.

Being an intuitive is not something you can learn in college.  Most of us are self trained.  But I decided to spent 3 years earning a PhD in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology, a spiritual religious institution.

For the last 20 years, I juggled being a single mom, a successful software engineer  – working at companies like Intel, Nike and Ebay –  and providing readings as a professional intuitive.

I never paid much attention to concepts like intuition until the day I woke up drowning in it. I still don’t know what triggered this change (maybe my pregnancy?) but I had to quickly learn how to swim.

Overwhelmed, scared but extremely curious, I decided to explore and make sense of these intuitive impressions.

I know first-hand how hard it can be to decipher and trust intuitive information.

This is where my greatest life challenge exploded: How do I reconcile my logical thought process with my intuitive insights?!?! I created this web site where you can learn to live a balanced and fulfilling life, no matter what kind of right-brain/left-brain combination you pulled out of the hat.

My intuitive readings offer clear, actionable, soul-deep clarity that will have you nodding along as we shed light on the deeper meaning of your life.

My intuitive trainings are the culmination of 15 years of experience where I made every mistake in the book, found better ways to do it, and distilled all this information in a clear, step by step training program.  I wish I had found something like this earlier in my life!

PS: You can read more about my personal story here and my ground breaking PhD thesis  on the Empath Experience ©

In love,

Elise Lebeau, Professional Intuitive