What is an Empath? Resources for Impaired Empaths©

Maybe you always know how other people feel
Maybe you feel uncomfortable in crowds and need alone time
Maybe you carry everybody’s pain as if it was your own

Maybe you’re an Empath?

Definition of an Empath

Empaths are  emotionally sensitive people who sponge up the emotions of others.

We feel what they feel.

Hi, my name is Elise and I’m an Empath…

I know it sounds crazy.  I know you’re thinking this can’t possibly be REAL.  But my own experience over the last 10 years has taught me this:

  • If I ignore it, I feel depressed and overwhelmed.
  • If I embrace it, I feel at peace and receive confirmations that it is accurate

That’s what makes it “real” for me… So no matter how crazy it sounds, I will keep providing everything you need to THRIVE as an Empath!

I have talked with thousands of empaths and witnessed that “ah-ah” moment when all the pieces come together so they can finally wrap their mind around what’s happening to them: it all makes sense!  I LOVE THAT MOMENT…

Am I an Empath? Take the quiz!

Common Skills

  • You can easily guess how other people feel
  • You’re highly sensitive (others might say “too” sensitive) to emotions, lights, sounds, smells, etc.
  • People easily confide in you and tell you their problems

Common Side Effects

  • Feeling drained or tired when interacting with people
  • Being overwhelmed or emotionally activated in crowds (party, mall, funeral)
  • Needing to help everyone who is suffering
  • Having random mood swings (angry, sad, scared) that have nothing to do with your life events

Disclaimer: Some side effects are similar to serious mental health issues. Contact a physician if you have questions about your health. The contents of this web site do not constitute diagnostic or treatment.

What kind of Empath am I?

impaired empathImpaired Empaths© are easily overwhelmed— especially in crowded venues or when people are upset.  They feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and can suffer from physical symptoms like exhaustion, headaches, and depression.  Impaired Empaths need to learn how to manage their skills.

balanced empathBalanced Empaths can control the flow of emotions they pick up from others so it doesn’t overwhelm them. They have developed successful coping mechanisms as well as appropriate outlets for their empath skills.

professional empathProfessional Empaths are able to sort out and interpret complex emotional information accurately.  They can use it for specific purposes such as healing work or intuitive readings.

Resources for Impaired Empaths

empath survival programThe FREE Empath Survival Program

Feeling overwhelmed? Get relief RIGHT NOW with the Empath Survival Program©.  This is a must read for every Empath and contains essential techniques to regain your emotional sanity.  It took me several years to refine these techniques to help you control and manage your rogue empath skills.  They really work!

elise lebeau professional intuitiveTalk to Elise

Register for an Empath Training or Intuitive Reading.  Let’s talk about what’s going on in your life and find solutions that works for YOU.  


empath communityJoin our Community

I created the Empath Community back in 2007 and it’s been a thriving circle of friends for thousands of people!  Join the conversation, meet other empaths, ask questions and spread your wings.  Visit Elise’s Empath Community

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