What is Intuition?

Do you feel LOST, STUCK or CONFUSED?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have X-ray vision that can cuts through the mind clutter, get straight to the HEART of the problem and articulate a solution?
Welcome to the world of Intuition!
Intuition is a right brain process that taps into subconscious information to provide guidance about everyday life.
Hi, I’m Elise Lebeau Ph.D., professional intuitive.
intuitive readingMy special talent is to provide clear intuitive answers about YOUR life!
Mmmmmm…are you thinking there is NO WAY I could possibly know anything about YOUR life?
You’re right! I don’t know anything about you…yet.
BUT as soon as you ask me your question, my mind goes blank and I start to receive intuitive insights. Everything YOU need to know comes flowing through me.
I know it sounds crazy (or maybe not?!) but we are all connected.
My trained intuitive mind can tap into all the information you need to find clarity.

And yes, everyone can tap into this intuition information…BUT if you don’t feel you can hear or trust your own intuition right now , let ME give you a deep intuitive reading and get you back on track!


Here is how…

1)  Pick a spot on my schedule

2) Ask you question or describe your troubling situation, with as much details as you want

3)  Get a link to your live audio session, filled with intuitive insights that will immediately resonate with you.


And it’s SUPER EASY!  No need to call me, worry about long distance phone bills or wrestle with different time zones!

Just register, get a link to your session when I have completed your reading and listen anytime!