What Is Intuition?


Intuition is a right brain process that taps into subconscious information to provide guidance about everyday life.


By using your intuition, you can make better decisions that consistently improve your life.
People often experience intuition as:

  • A gut feeling or emotional response to a situation
  • An inner voice that makes suggestions
  • A physical sensation (like a churning in the stomach area or a headache)
  • An instant knowing of what they need to do

What’s the difference? Intuitive, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath

Do you question your intuitive skills because you did things that others can’t do, while being unable to do things they can do?

Intuition is often mistaken for other abilities.   So what’s the difference?


Being intuitive means that you able to tap into subconscious information in order to receive guidance about your every day life.  Intuition can be used to receive guidance about your own life (personal intuition) or to help other people (professional intuition).  People who are intuitive are not necessarily psychic.


Being an empath means that you feel other people’s emotions as your own (read more about empaths).  For example, if someone around you is very angry you might start to feel angry yourself, even though there is no direct reason for you to feel this way.

Psychic and Clairvoyant

Being psychic, also know as being clairvoyant, means that you can perceive information that cannot be perceive through the normal senses (also called Extra Sensory Perception – ESP).  That can include predicting the future, talking to non-physical beings (dead people, spirits) and being able to sense missing objects or people.

Intuitive Readings

Do you feel LOST, STUCK or CONFUSED?

Everyone can tap into their own intuition but sometimes we’re just too close to the problem to see it clearly… Things feel muddled, like we’re turning in circles.  This is where I come in!

empath professional intuitiveHi, I’m Elise Lebeau, a professional intuitive for over 12 years and I can “hear” intuitive answers about YOUR life!

Wait, what? How I could possibly know anything about your life? You’re right! I don’t know anything about you…yet.  BUT as soon as you ask me your question, my mind goes “blank” and I start to receive intuitive insights. Everything you need to know comes flowing through me.

So if you’ve been turning in circles or you don’t feel you can hear your own intuition right now, let me give you a deep intuitive reading and get you back on track!

PS:  Keep in mind that intuition cannot predict the future! That’s called being “psychic” and it is based on probabilities…nothing is set in stone!   

I offer different formats to fit your budget and your schedule

Email Session Phone Session (25 min) Phone Session (55 min)
Need help quickly?  Let’s address your situation right now! Pick a spot on my schedule, describe your issue/question and I will email you a LIVE audio of my intuitive insights.

You do NOT have to be available.

Do you want to talk about your experience with someone who understands?  Here’s your chance! Let’s connect over the phone for in-depth conversation to answer your questions and find empath and intuitive techniques that work specifically for you. We will practice IN the session to ensure you have new skills you can use right now.

Recommended for training session.  Skype available

$29 $69 $99

Meg felt a painful weight lifted from her life

Elise is a gift! Her insight and wisdom into my situation has brought healing and understanding to years of pain and frustration. As a fellow intuitive, I am always very particular about who I work with. I truly feel I was guided to Elise and am so grateful for the clear and loving message she was able to share with me. I now know how to move forward with power, grace, and love. I look forward to working with her again!

Shannon felt it was so easy  

It is amazing how Elise can get to the root cause of the problem with such accuracy while giving easy and helpful methods to work on your issue. If you don’t know what is going on, you just say I’m stuck and she will loosen the knots to help you come to a better place.

Marren got some strong guidance 

Elise quickly put me at ease and provided insights which were sympathetic to my situation, easy to understand and completely actionable.  I am excited to have a new set of tools to explore with and I am very grateful for her help!

Angela was wowed 

 Wow! Thank you so much, Elise!  What you said makes perfect sense and you really hit the nail on the head!