Instructions for Empaths

Throughout this program, you will complete exercises designed to help you become a Balanced Empaths.  I developed the techniques described here through my own journey as an Empath and I still use them myself!

Keep in mind that this process takes time. Although most empaths report feeling immediate sense of relief, it can takes weeks or months before you can master these techniques fully. My goal is to give you shortcuts so that you can train your mind as quickly as possible without getting overwhelmed.

Please be patient with yourself and practice, practice, practice

Leaning to Modulate Emotional Information

Although we are all born Empaths, most of us learn to ignore the information we pick up from other people through their magnetic field. And there’s a very good reason for that…imagine for a moment: every thought, every emotion, from every one on earth is currently generating magnetic information.

As an Empath, you can pick up on all of this! The sheer volume of information is staggering.

Without some basic education, most Empath will resort to destructive or energy consuming mechanisms to deal with the situation. That can lead to depression, mood altering addictions (drugs, alcohol) or anything else that can drown other people’s emotions

Your most basic survival skill is to learn how to “modulate” the intensity of the emotional information you receive from others.

Empath Survival Program Technique 1: Turning Down The Volume

The first thing we need to do is make sure that you can filter out this information.

1) Rate how you feel right now, from 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good).

2) Close your eyes and imagine two volume dials in front of you that go from 0 to 10.One says “Me” and the other says “Others”.

3) Turn the “Me” dial to 10, and the “Other people” dial to 0.
PS: If it’s hard to visualize this, your mind is giving you feedback that something is in the way! For now, if you can only see the volume going down (but not all the way to 0), that’s fine. At least it’s getting better…Keep practicing!

4) Take a breath to reboot your mind. It takes a moment for your brain to realize that things have changed and you’re more centered on your own thoughts.

5) Rate how you feel again. If it’s feeling better, you’re on the right track!

PRACTICE: At least 20 to 30 times a day for a week