What is an Empath?

Maybe you always seem to know instantly how other people feel

Maybe you feel uncomfortable in crowds and need alone time

Maybe you share everybody’s pain as if it was your own

Are you starting to wonder if those intense feelings are not all YOURS? Then read on because you could be an Empath.

An Empath is a highly sensitive person who can deeply perceive emotions in others and feel what they feel

I know it sounds crazy.  I know you’re thinking this can’t possibly be REAL.  But my own experience over the last 10 years has taught me this:

  • If I ignore it, I feel depressed and overwhelmed.
  • If I embrace it, I feel at peace and get TONS of validation that it is accurate

That’s what makes it “real” for me… So no matter how crazy it sounds, I will keep trying to get you everything you need to THRIVE as an Empath!

Are you an Empath? Take the quiz!

These are common Empath skills. Does it sound like you?

  • You can “guess” what other people are feeling, even if they are not talking about it
  • People find it easy to confide in you
  • You can feel other people’s emotions, even if they’re not in your physical presence
  • You can feel other people’s physical pain in your own body

These are common Empath side effects.  Do you experience any of these?

  • Feeling emotionally or physically overwhelmed in crowds
  • Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Feeling emotionally drained when you have to touch a lot of people
  • Feeling like you need to help everyone by carrying their emotional pain
  • Random mood swings (angry, sad, scared, etc.) that have nothing to do with your life events
  • Hard time falling asleep or procrastinate going to bed
  • Feeling emotionally uncomfortable during sex (anxious, no sex drive, angry)

Disclaimer: Some Empath side effects are similar to serious mental health issues. Contact a physician if you have questions about your mental health.  The contents of this web site do not constitute diagnostic or treatment.

What kind of Empath are you?

impaired empathImpaired Empaths might be able to filter some feelings out but you probably still find themselves becoming overwhelmed— especially in a crowded venue or when people around them are in emotional distress. They often feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, and can suffer from physical symptoms like exhaustion, headaches, and depression.

balanced empathBalanced Empath can more easily control the flow of emotions so that it feels comfortable and doesn’t overwhelm them. They have developed successful coping mechanisms as well as appropriate outlets for their Empath skills.

empath intuitiveProfessional Empath are able to interpret complex emotional information correctly. They can use it for specific purposes such as healing work or intuitive readings.

Help for Empaths

Download the FREE Empath Survival Program © with 7 techniques to regain your Emotional Sanity. These techniques really work. I use them every day!


Want to talk to someone who understands?

empath professional intuitive

I know what you’re going through…I know it’s hard, lonely and confusing…And I know there is probably NO ONE you can talk to about what’s happening to you…

But I also know it doesn’t have to be this way.  I am living proof that it’s possible for Empaths to live happy, harmonious and fulfilling lives!  Although Empaths have a lot in common, your situation is unique.  The best way to get help is to find solutions that work for YOU.

I offer different formats to fit your budget and your schedule

Email Session Phone Session (25 min) Phone Session (55 min)
Need help quickly?  Let’s address your situation right now! Pick a spot on my schedule, describe your issue/question and I will email you a LIVE audio of my intuitive insights.

You do NOT have to be available.

Do you want to talk about your experience with someone who understands?  Here’s your chance! Let’s connect over the phone for in-depth conversation to answer your questions and find empath and intuitive techniques that work specifically for you. We will practice IN the session to ensure you have new skills you can use right now.

Recommended for training session.  Skype available

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